How much light needed for starter system?

I want to create a starter system. I want to grow up to four plants for five weeks (autos) or 2 plants for 7 weeks (photo period). How much light and space would you suggest I will need? Also, will they have a potent smell by the end?


Autoflowers take from 90-110 days to finish from seedling.

I would grow feminized seeds and get the most bang for my buck.

Are looking to use LED lamps, or Digital lamps?

I will be glad to help you out from start to finish as long as you are willing to make a plan and stay on course. It has been a while since I taught a newcomer.

Happy growing :slight_smile: lw

p.s. We have some suggestions for lighting in the ILGM Buyers Guide. I can find you whatever you need to grow successfully.


Woohoo you got the big guns to offer help @Medforme is take him up on that offer
And I agree with latewood in that you should grow photos you’ll have a much bigger harvest :+1:


@latewood Firstly, I am flattered and appreciative that you would mentor me. Thank you.

Perhaps it would be best if you knew what I have to work with. I have a 3" x 3" x 69" tent, currently with three 300W LEDs. I am limited to a seven month growing cycle and want to maximize the production of the tent. I do have some space available to create a starter system, but this is limited mostly by smell.

My thoughts have been around variations on a continual auto grow since plants at various stages can be in the tent. So, I could have for instance 6 plants spread 5 weeks apart. I would actually prefer to go photoperiod, but it seems a continual production would yield more given the 7 month growing cycle.

I would love to have a plan! I am just trying to make educated guesses. Also, you can check-out my grow journal if you wish: Beginning the Journey - Advice Welcomed. You will see I got off to a rough start.

I look forward to any and all help you are willing to provide.


I agree, hard to get much better help than that!

I’m sure latewood will know what’s best. But running two complete grows on shorter veg times may be an option. This would require faster flowering photo strains, and probably more plants. Just something to consider if it’s an option.


@dbrn32 Thanks for the input. There are so many options. I actually thought about SEA of green (I think you are suggesting), but we have plant limit laws here. Not sure I want to go that route.

@dbrn32 I decided I should update my understanding of the law here and it is different than what I thought. Unless you grow 1,000 or more plants, there is no difference. Basically, anything over an ounce and a half is a felony (really?!). So, I guess whatever I do it won’t make any difference from that standpoint. :frowning:

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Just a comment. I am doing this because our medical marijuana program is so expensive, most likely over $2,500 a year for me. It is so f’d up that I can’t grow enough for personal use without committing a felony.

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Well @Medforme I’m doing things in the dark as well
You grow quality medicine with the help here and @latewood is top dog around hear so he won’t steer you wrong
I’ll suggest you let him help you
He’s usually on in the evenings FYI cause he runs a farm during the day so be patient he will get back with you
In my state we have medical mj but all the thc is removed and only CDBs are left in it and as most of us know you need to trigger the correct reseptora in order to get full medical benefits and thc is how they get activated so ??? I ask do we really have medical mj I think not
Also we only have edibles not smokeable for of mmj
Any way good luck and happy growing all


Yep I agree that latewood has much more to offer than myself.

Laws are different all over the place, so I can’t attest to yours. But there are some differences between plant count and actual flowers usually. Also, when you look at felonies some are mandatory minimum sentence, while others are probational. When you’re in the dark, that can be a pretty big difference.

I wasn’t suggesting a sog. But depending on your laws, 4 plants can produce same as one in less time. For me, the penalties are no different 1 or 4 as law is written. And I could sneak 2 harvests with 4 in relatively small area that amount of time. That would be using photos only, and some other things would have to apply. I should’ve probably just let @latewood work through that with you. I was more or less pointing out that you weren’t constrained by auto vs photo and calendar time is all.


I think you mean a 3’x3’ tent

Not much smell form early plants in veg. A little as they get bigger…

Autos do not finish in 5 to 6 weeks. They take almost as long a feminized.

If you want to stick with autos, I can still help you but, I hate autos, so maybe garrigan would be a better fit. I grew autos 3 times for teaching purposes. All 3 took 110 days approximately to finish. Proper time to finish is dictated by the maturity of the Trichomes; Not an estimated time or days.

Something to think about. See you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I love the fact that you mention is has become common knowledge that CBD alone does not provide the strongest medicinal effects, and requires some THC to make the body more receptive to the cannabis molecules. Really cool :slight_smile:

Have you been watching our podcast? :wink:


A lot of states like Virginia have laws where it’s the same charge to have 1/2 oz as it is to have 5lbs! So if you get caught with a 1/2 ounce you might as well have 5lbs lol


@latewood I do actually do check it out every week and have been for some time now lol :+1:

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@latewood I was just trying to convey my thoughts and give you a sense of my resources, but I am certainly not stuck on autos. If I can get the same or more production, or slightly less production but a better product, from photoperiod that would be great. What I hoped mostly to convey is that I would love to actually have a plan that is not based on best guess. If you could help me do that it would be awesome.

Also, just to clarify, I meant that in one tent you could have two plants at 5 weeks old, two plants at 10 weeks old, and two plants at harvest and when you harvest you add two new ones to keep the rotation going. And (oops) the tent is 3’ x 3’ x 69".


Let’s try this to get started. How many people are you growing for?

Keeping it for you or sharing?

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@latewood Thanks for getting back to me. I can’t tell you how much a successful grow would mean to me and if you can help me with that I would be very grateful.

The primary purpose is medical for me. However, I wouldn’t mind getting a little extra to share. And just because it is medical doesn’t mean I also don’t enjoy it. I used to smoke somewhat regularly a long time ago, but life circumstances made me stop.

I tried the medical marijuana program here, but it was very expensive and bud I got from a friend was far more effective. So, I decided I would be better off to grow my own. Based on that experience, I am guessing I will use about a gram a day or an OZ a month. So, I would like to produce about 16 OZ a year if possible, but I don’t know if I can get that out of a 3’ x 3’ tent growing seven months.

I think it would be very beneficial if you scanned my grow journal. You will see it has been difficult for me and I am not sure why. I have paid very close attention to soil, environment, water, PH, light, etc. (all documented), but I am still having trouble. It is called Beginning the Journey: Advice Welcomed.

I look forward to your reply.

I think having a specific plan and someone with expertise to provide a little guidance on the way would be awesome. I recognize you owe me nothing, but it is just as important to me that I have consistent coaching as it is for you that I follow your instructions, which I would do. So, if you offer was not sincere, please let me know. Otherwise, I would like to get started on putting a plan together if you are up for it.


Well, no worries; I see contryboy is in this topic too. Just to let you know; I am legally blind, so I do not like having to find topics. I need a link to your journal. I also do not like to go through long journals because, I get dizzy, and my neck starts aching because I have to lean into monitor to try and read.

So; Give me a link, and I will have a team member work with me to see if we can figure out what your issue is. You should be able to grow at least 1/2 a LB. in a 3x3’ tent. 2 plants.

Get me that link. lw


Hey guys, please watch this for me. I want to figure out what is up. Member should add a link by tomorrow. :slight_smile:


@latewood @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster

Here is a link to my Journal

I believe I have figured out my problems. For the time being anyway. However, I would still like to develop a grow plan.

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