How much light? (mol)

Hey I’m trying to plan my next grow and I want to know how much light exactly should I be giving my plants? By that I mean what intensity should I be running my grow light? My plants are in this tent and the light is beaming straight down on em, the tent is 20x20x48 and light is 1000 watts

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Your lights not 1000w go check the true Wattage and let us know what it is. Also your showing two lights there.

I use the Mars hydro not the light the tent came with. I don’t have anything atm to measure light… I was hoping this brand people were familiar with

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You can use a smartphone to get an idea of what par rating it has in tent. Its not the best but you can get a good idea. I have never used or known anyone to use the Mars Hydro light series. As long as it has full spectrum it should work fine but you will want to upgrade to a better light over time. I was using a Amazon AGLEX and will be until my new HLG arrives hopefully next week. Honestly after getting the AGLEX and the KING LED 1000W I had prior I half paid for a really good light from HLG. While the AGLEX works and does have a great end product it just doesn’t hold it’s own versus the amazing results I’ve seen time and again on this forum. Once I sell the aglex I will never buy another light outside of HLG quality. Itis worththe investment.


Your lights 150w it will grow one plant well, 2 not so well. I recommend one plant under that light.

Your best bet with this light is to turn it to 25% and hang it at like 16" or so (total Geuss on height here but read on).
Once your seedling grows watch how far the ndoe spacing is between each set of leafs, you want about an inch.
If your plants stretching to much increase the light the plant gets, you can do this by turning the light up or bringing it closer to the seedling.
If the nodes are tight then back the lighting off, via height or intensity.

Keep your light at 12" from your plant at all times to ensure it has enough space to spread the lighting out eventually as best as possible.

What @anon89489555 is talking about it using your phone to get a Geuss of your lighting, it’s a good tool I recommend.
Download a LUX app on your phone and take readings from around the edges of your plant (not the center) find the way to ensure your whole plant is getting the most even spread of light as possible.
This becomes more important after growth because Durring the growth you should be watching your node spacing.

Wow I bought the Mars Hydro on a recommendation from someone here…


We have alot of members…
It’s not a terrible light, it will work.
It’s just over priced for what it is and quality is okay at best.
It’s better than a burple!

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I use the mars ts1000 for a couple plants in veg at around 24inches and currently 4 weeks flower at 18 inches above one plant and the ts600 above the other. It works great. Too close will cause light burn. I started to have the top yellowing and it came down to the light so i raised it and @anon89489555 is right, i downloaded that lux app and its gives a close representation of intensity

In 2x2 tent is it okay to keep plants directly under it? What intensity should I toggle it too? 0-100%?

It says on specs its good for 3ft×3ft veg and 2ftx2ft flower so youre good. And have it all the way up amd around 24inches high maybe even 30 inches

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How old is your plant anyways?

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She’s 3 1/2months now and gotcha imma crank it up

Speak with @dbrn32 about lighting. There are a few others but @dbrn32 is the guy to ask. Just like anything everyone has a point of view. If I am correct I think the mars hydros are built kind of like SpiderFarmer. In the end a good quality LED is gonna cost you a fair amount upfront. No knocks on Mars as I have not heard nor seen anything pertaining to them. Pros and cons for all lights, what matters is you find a quality light for a price you can afford to suit your needs. You can always upgrade my man.


According to Mars ppfd map, even on full blast at 18” you’re going to hit less than 600par in the center. You can easily run it at 18”


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Wow thanks :confused: won’t I need 800mol in flowering? This light seems mediocre when you put it like this.

You could get away with around 750 to come close to DLI. That’s the only ppfd map I could find for that light so not sure what the par is at 12”.


It’s ot a great light, but will probably work for the space you have. Ideally you want a ppfd average of 600-800 umols/s to flower on 12 hour schedule.


For a small tent, the TS 1000 will be fine. I have a 2x2x4 tent and I tried a MarsHydro TS 600 with decent results with 1 plant. Take a look at the numbers for the TS 1000 below: