How much light it gets or water it just lays over.. Whats going wrong? There is no pests, no mites, nothing


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.
This is a feminised autoflowering blueberry seed i bought but no matter how much light it gets or water it just lays over… Whats going wrong? There is no pests, no mites, nothing…


I believe it’s stretching without adequate root development.

How much light is “no matter how much”?


Take a popsicle stick or anything sturdy and use as a prop and take a bread tie and very loosely prop up plant and take some of your growing and cover a couple of inches more around base of stem. And if it’s stretching that bad try to lower your light and use the hand test. Put your hand at the top of the plant and if the light burns you need to raise it and if you can’t feel any heat you can lower it a bit more


That baby needs to be supported (refer to @Sirsmokes and @dbrn32 they are giving you good advice) And too much stretch. also stop watering so much! Just foliar spraying at this point in its young life.


Plants will also lay over from heat!


It is stretching to the light. More light and closer if you can. Beware of heat if too close. The stems are too small to support the plant.


More light and less water


Put some soil up under the water leaves :leaves:


I agree with the rest the f the peeps you girl is stretching mounding soil around stem will help also placing a stick or similar item in soil to help support
Green wire tie to stick if needed and you’ll be fine
Can you get light closer to the plants
Happy growing :v:️CB


A small fan creating a little breeze will also help to strengthen the stem.