How much light is too much

Is 1000w led light too much for a 2x2x4 tent

An actual 1000w, yes. But most likely what you have isn’t actually pulling anywhere near 1000w. What kind of light is it?


Its a Kingled led 1000w full spectrum with UV and IR , 380 NM to 780 NM Im just starting out so I’m not really too familiar with things yet.

That is a 185 watt light, just wanted to clarify for you.


Ok. Thanx. Didnt know that

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Is that a good amount of light, 185 w

That would be just enough for a 2’ X 2’ I would guess.

There are better lights for that size space.


Think I should add more light, I have a 300w led that came with the tent. What would you suggest

I would use the one you got and probably add the second when you hit flower.


Cool, thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it

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No problem I would grow a couple runs then look into a higher grade led but that’s later.


Looks like @SKORPION and @merlin44 got you taken care of before I made it back. :+1:

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