How much light is needed for grow box

Hey guys i had a grow box given to me from a family memeber they used it for veggies.
It has 10 60w led lights in it 5 5500k an 5 2700k
I took it apart an made a top an bottom as it was to big
Dimensions 4’x18"x3’ im thinking the light is over kill

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How much light is needed for grow box ?? @Helo1991

@dbrn32 Here’s another person that needs their lights turned on… I’m going to start calling you our electrician, since you know all about lights. @dbrn32

The 10 led bulbs are 60 watts consumption or 60w incandescent replacements? If they are 60 watt replacement bulbs they probably consume about 13 watts each.

They are 9.9 real draw it says on the bulb its self 60 w incandescent replacement

I would venture to say not enough for flowering cannabis. Starting seeds and vegging small plants probably good though.

How much would you say i need? Replace them with led 100 watt replacements?

Its 4’x 1.5’?

Yes it is

About 300 watts worth of a19 or a21 bulbs to flower space like that. Mixing cct is fine but I would be heavy on the warm whites for flower.

Not sure what cct is an by 300 watts do you mean real draw? So my led I have that say 60 watt replacement are 9.9 real draw does that mean i need yo go by the 9.9?

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Yes, going by that method use actual power consumption. cct is correlated color temperature, refers to the blend and ratios of different wavelengths. higher number here will look for crisp and bright. Lower number will look more orange/yellow.


Thanks man your really helpful

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