How much light do i need?

Hi there everyone,

So i am today on week 4 of my auto-flower grow(Amnesia Lemon). It is only one plant at the moment but i have just planted a second autoflower.

I have actually been taking her out in the day for some sunlight(i live in South Africa) and then when the sun goes down i take her inside and put her under a 250 Watt CFL 6400K bulb. She gets about 20 hours of combined light a day.

My question is how much light (if it is CFL) would i need per autoflower plant? I know CFL is not as powerful but am just wondering on how much i would need. I have a 60 Watt (true draw) full spectrum LED as well to add for flowering. Do you think 250 watt CFL+60 WATT LED would be enough to get a good harvest from her?

She is exactly 4 weeks old today and is grown in a homemade medium of Peat moss,Perlite,Vermiculite and compost. I also water/feed her every 3 days when her medium is dry with the Biozbizz nutrient range.(Half Strength)

Here is a picture of her as of today at 4 weeks. !

Thanks guys, any info would be appreciated!

xoxo Alice

If you have good weather this time of year, why pay for light when you can get it for free. I run my autos on a 16/8 schedule, then once flower begins I go 12/12 with great results

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HI there,

We are going into our rainy winter season and the days are much shorter at the moment than in the peak of summer, therefor i switch when we have nice sunny days to indoors at night…:slight_smile:

Cfls fall short on penetration. If you run a scrog setup you may be fine. If not you can get a 135w quantum board for about $150usd or a 600w hps for about the same or a little less

Hey, so you rate a 250 watt CFL for one auto plant will fall short? What about if i added my 60Watt(true watt) LED and combine those two?(combined with sunshine on most days?)

Yeah, you should be good

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That “250w cfl” probably draws around 45-50 watts. Meaning your combined lighting is around 100± watts. That’s enough for around a 2 square foot flowering footprint.
As @HornHead said, combining natural sunlight and your indoor lighting should be enough to flower a small plant successfully.