. How much light do clones need vs seedlings

I’ve recently expanded my tent to 2 tents. I bought a Ez cloner 9 spot cloner and I have about 10 seedlings and about 10 plants in vege I can probably fit 3 more in my flower tent but that’s pushing it so I was thinking about another short tent for the seedlings and clones. Can I house them both together ?? Seedlings and clones do they take the same amount of light??? I’m growing with led panels. I like their efficiency. What would be a good amount of light for a seedling tray and an ez clone machine in say a 2-2 tent that’s 3feet tall. It’s either that or I have to get a 4x4 vege tent and Put all my vege in there maybe use a shelf I guess I should be ok with lighting since I have 2 hlg100 in a 4x2 rite now. I’m kind of stick here In my next move and what to do to make this circle of life work like a machine. I know my post is convoluted but I hope you get the question I’m asking here. Is how much light do clones need is it same as seedlings. ?? Thanks.
I’m growing in coco ph6 I use floraflex nutrients and I use microbes ,fungi and nutrients enzymes To the best of my ability to live in symbiotic relationships with my plants. I think it works kinda. Hey I’m
Trying. I’m doing all this from scratch no help besides the resources provided by the internet and great people who share knowledge and wisdom like ilovegrowingmarijuana, subcool, Ed, Jorge, nebula, nugbuckets. And so many other great contributors if it wasn’t for you all if still be growing plants in my backyard from bag seeds thinking I’m doing something wrong. It’s all worth it.strong text


Hi - I have housed both seedlings and clones together. I use a 45W blurple LED before transitioning to my bigger HLG QBs once they are established.

good luck. Your plants look great!

Hey thanks. I have 2 hlg100v2 3000k in a 4x2 my plants are getting old and I’m thinking about flowering them out. Do you think that the 2 hlg100 is enough light for the 2x4 I keep em about 10-12invhes away from the plants. Was gonna do a scrog

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How long could I grow the seedlings in there with the 45 wat I would prob go for the hlg65 I was thinking 2x2 hlg65 clones and babies. Not bad you think that will work ?afger that in the 2x4 which may turn to a 4x4 with 2 hlg100 because o think it is over kill on the 2x4 but what do you think ,??

Without doing the math the two 100s maybe short falling in a 2x4. I use 4 Qb132s.

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I think the HLG 65 would be fine in the 2x2 for young plants. This is a 150w QB 306 4K (they don’t make these anymore I don’t think) in a 2c2 with four plants from seed.

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