How much is too much wattage in a 5x5 using max nutes and high O2 in temp controlled water

Anybody know if 2000 watts actual draw is too much for a 5x5 if i max out the O2 and nutrients. I ran 1400 in a 4x4 like that amd had some burned leaves but i got a huge harvest of 2.5 lbs



Optimal wattage for a 5x5 (without CO2) is ~1,250. That said, higher PPFDs are required when using CO2. PPFD at the canopy should be 1,200+. Let you plants tell how how much is too much.

Here’s a video that tells you everything you need to know about diminishing returns at high PPFD levels that can help you calibrate where you need to be.



These are buds ftom my 3rd amd last grow i mentioned in the above post. I had no help as far as friends that grow or ftom any growers. I just used google to read about techniques and i looked at some grow diaries. I used unknown and known seeds i found in bags i got from dealers and 1 maui wowie i got in colorado from bud depot. But they are crosses a maui wowie and and unknown then i crossed those with train wreck and purple punch and og kush, and got these plants here. The way i pollinated was by stressing them on accident and i used pollin ftom some bananas snd a couple of hermies that poped up but i didnt get hardly any seeds per bud. Maybe 3 to 7 seeds per bud which turned out great forcme cause theyre all feminized and I am going yo back cross the new seeds with the pollen i saved from the hermies. But i think i did pretty good. The first time was the accident and the second gtow i purposely crossed pollinated them because it was 2021 in texas and we had that freeze just before i was ready to flup them over to flowering snd we went without elrctricity for 3 days and the room they were in got super cold. Almost freezing . But thry survived so i pollinated the flowers and grew them out. I got 10 ozs of bunk bud that was loaded with trichomes but i coukdnt judge the window right so im guessing i harvested too early. I didnt have a microscope at the time. Its hard to judge the window when you dont really know the strains. My first grow yeilded 6 ozs of some bomb ass flower. And the 3rd was better than any dispensary buds ive had from oklahoma. I was tripping cause people i know who live in oklahoma were begging for it. Its funny how friends show up around harvest time snd after thry cure theyre coming over all the time. I gabe a lil away and asked for equipment donations ajd then kept 2 lbs of the best all to myself. Hell yeah i did. I still havent found better in oklahoma. Now the bezt ive ever smoked was ftom B.C. that i got in whitefish montana when i lived there. You never find seeds in that bud. And its in a whole different category with its characteristics and the highs. If you can actually feel the difference in high between each strain you get and it tastes like it should then you get good bud. In texas smd oklahoma its like they dont cure it or maybe the rush to harvest and sell causes it but it all gives the same high and rarely has a flavor that is indicative of its strains name. Like blueberry wont taste like blueberries. You can distinguish the highs so much so thst you coukd easily take a pepsi challenge with each strain you get. It was soft like cotton candy but dense as hell. The size didnt matxh the weight. An oz would look like 2 of this stuff down here. Hell ive had mexican brick weed better than the buds ive gotten from the dispensary and i font even know how thats true. In north texas before 2010 you coukdnt hardly get actual unflttened buds and the best bud that came around was this lime green/white almost skunky as hell compressed as hard as a rock stuff we called christmas tree. It was dry as hell and broke up kinda powdery but damn it was good.


Cool yeah i like to keep them a little higher. And max out the oxygen in the water and the nutes and i found that it produces tons of trichs using high wattage but im using all cheap amazon lights mostly all different brands. The best i got is a n updayday. But these are the buds i grew with it. Have you read anything about doing it like that.

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I just found out about the photone apo so im honna try adjusting all the different lights to match the ppfd and have it even everywhere. I like all the different spectrums and how they blend together. It seems to work but i just gotta find the sweet spot of wattage and ppfd . I know theres an opyimum ppfd and wattage but when you factor in the O2 and max out the nutes the plants suck up a ton of nutes and then dont you need more light to counter thst so they dont burn ftom nutes. My only problem was after the plants were atlmost 6 ft tall they started burning and i had my 2 biggest start popping more white hairs like crazy and i coukdnt figure out if it was lights or they were the strains that you harvest after 10 or 11 weeks that do that because if what type they are

This plant here was already at like 7 weeks

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Hey i appreciate the info. I wanted to asked you about what you think of my plant and bud pics. I coupd use some feedback. Cause i meseed uo in a few ways im sure you can see from the pics.

You have some nute burn. Do you know your pH and PPM? Soil, coco, or hydro?

And I will be using a ppm ec and ph meter. The last grow with the nute burn I wasn’t able to lift the plants up to change the water out so I opted to go with a rdwc system with a flush line.

Gonna be using these seeds. I have mephistos mango smile and cosmic queen. But I want to learn autoflowers before I use those snd so I’m gonna save them. But here’s all the seedbank seed I got. I wanted to use prom night. But if you have any recommendations. I used unknown bag seeds last time.

The purple at the bottom is prom night. The purple 0lant down at the bottom is prom night

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I ended up winning sll of theses seeds in a giveaway on discord. Plus 1000 credits in the seedbank for 50 off of 75 worth
Which is nice. I can get 75 worth of seeds for only 25. There’s giveaways all the time. You should join.
It’s a really cool place to hang out. There and the sticky dojo. My handle is CannAlchemist. If you decide to check it out and join just let them know I sent you.