How much fresh air is enough

Hello to all my new peers and mentors. My question is how much fresh air is needed in a 4x4x80 tent. With my current setup. My fan comes on with my flood pump which as of now happens every 2 hours for 30 minutes. And my humidifier and heater seem to be keeping up 60-65% rh and 78-80°f it’s really cold and dry here the area of the basement where my tent is hovers around 65 °f what would a plant look like if it weren’t getting enough fresh air. I want to give it enough but not unnecessarily and thus putting the extra load on the humidifier and the heater. Thanks in advance

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This kind of depends on how packed the tent is with canopy. Little plants probably would be fine if you opened the door once or twice a day but a full tent needs complete air exchange every 2 minutes or so. You have 100 cubic feet roughly so any decent fan that produces 50 cfm will give you turnover in that time. Getting a good fan like an A/C Infinity Cloudline would help as it has a controller you can set to monitor temp and humidity with trigger setpoints for both. And the fan will only ramp up to as fast as it needs, or a peak level you set.

Generally the room the tent is in would be conditioned to act as a ‘lung’ room: humidifier and heater would sit in that space ideally.

I am growing in my basement at 7,000 feet so dry and cold right now. One of the first things I did when we moved in was have a whole-house humidifier installed: best $600 I could spend.


That makes sense. Were setting up an entire section of our basement for grow and that space is conditioned. This may be the motivation needed to go ahead and move the tents in there. Thank you for the responding so promptly. I only have one plant in this tent right now but it will likely fill the space. Thanks again

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What parts are you located? Sorry to side swipe the log here, but I’m planning a indoor space at about 7600 elevation in the southwest. Curious if I should include this in my house build?

Gotta See it when it happens.

We built ours to include a generous utility/storage room in the basement. Had the HVAC guy out within five days to install whole house humidifier (A/C in the spring). We’re at 7,100 feet per my property assessment lol and so far has been a remarkably stable environment.

That might be mildly amusing haha.

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Thank you!!!:sunglasses::call_me_hand::muscle::pray:

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