How much flowering time left?

Could someone with a better trained eye give me an idea of how much time I should have left? Flowers seem to still need filling in. I’m currently growing Trainwreck. The pic shown is one of the two apex colas (topped).

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Just read an article that compared pistil vs trichome indicated harvest time. 70% on the pistils being brown and curled and the trichomes being cloudy and just a few of the heads being amber in color for highest thc content. Get a jewelers loop and you can efficiently see the trichomes to make your determination of harvest time. Hope this helps!


How long have they been in flower? Some plants can take 12 weeks and longer after they start flower. Those look like they need a few weeks at least.

They should be about a month old. I changed the light cycle Aug 2. But the flowers started about 3-4 weeks ago. Now I realize they still got a ways to go.

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