How much do you smoke?

Ok I don’t mean in a day or what not…

We have a tendency to smoke about a half a bowl before it starts getting hot and nasty.

Same with joints… half a joint and it gets harsher and harder to hit on, and we end up wasting so much over time.

Back in the day, I’d save roaches and roll up resinated doobs , but since I began growing, I’ve gotten so spoiled to only smoking the flavorful bit then shite-canning the nasty bit

Do you smoke them to the bone, or toss out a bit like we do?


Mostly I use my desktop vape and, like you, when the flavor is gone - so is the dope. I hit my bong now and again but only the first two hits then into the trash with it.

Like you again, back in my youth we would save roaches, resin, seeds and stems just to hold us over until we could score a 1/4 oz or less.

Now I throw tons of buds into the forest if it is not top shelf and give away lbs every year.


Lol, that reminds me of younger days when I’d even scrape the tar and resin from my bowl/pipe and just smoke it. So nasty but desperate times call for desperate measures


Yep, remember those tapered metal chambers in the middle. The good resin buds. Yikes.

“Wanna take a resin hit, it been in the chamber all week”.


While most people seem to build a tolerance, I seem to have become more susceptible to weed. I can burn a single flower or two and be happy.
Like this much…

The wife is on the opposite end of the spectrum…
She uses edibles and vapes about a gram each night and feels no typical cannabis effects other than a little sleepiness.


I smoke a half a joint at a time…but pretty much all day. I do use tips so I do not get the rally bad tasting roaches


@Mr_Wormwood Very nice thread, have wondered how much we smoke also since growing our own.


I’m the same way. I use a genius pipe ( my absolute favorite ) and pack it lightly. After about the 3rd hit I’m usually high and dump the rest out. Growing up, that was unheard of. During dry spells, growing up, I’ve even scrapped residue from bowls to get by. Now that I’ve started growing, none of my close friends will ever be weedless again. I give crap loads away as new craps come in.


I only take a hit maybe… 1-2 times a month, if that. :joy:


I smoke joints, never really liked smoking thru pipes or bongs. Weird cuz I don’t smoke tobacco products. I roll them tight, and pack in a filter made from a 1/3" strip of a business card (grabbed boxes from folks when they retired! Several years’ supply!). I’m not a wake’n’baker, but usually smoke 1 before dinner, 2 after, and another before bed. There might be another one in between, and sometimes I will smoke during the day, depends what I’m doing.
Since Covid, I have only smoked with my SIL, otherwise I’m alone in the garage trying to cool the lung room down!
But as a kid, we smoked everything! Leaves, roaches, constantly! I remember in High school, there was a 6-week stretch where we figured we were smoking 16 joints a day! Mostly at school. During PE, we’d stop at a buddies during the 3 mile run and smoke a couple, then take a shortcut to catch up with the herd near the end! And Foods class was always after PE, always great for the munchies!


Prior to sept 2022, we bugeted approx. 250.oo every 3 wks for 7 yrs from same person. Do the math for our consumption. Most of that was smoked one hitter, few joints.

   What we put into groves our first time, wow, were set for awhile, not!.

 Yep, guilty of small pieces flamed and tossed.  Two harvests near pound since xmas.  

Jackson Brownes. Running on Empty. Echos in the back ground.

Next harvest coming soon. Thank goodness


Love it. We did the same thing. Except our PE teacher was obsessed with tennis. We did it a lot in high school PE. We would just launch our ball over the fence and it would roll down a steep incline into some woods. Those woods had a chillin area where everyone in my high school would smoke. So hit ball over fence. Retrieve ball w buddy, smoke a bowl, return to PE.


Was especially great when PE was your last class of the day too.


I don’t really smoke that much anymore mostly use my home made oil when I do smoke it’s a pipe flower of my choice with a little chunk of hash on top like a cherry on a Sunday. I remember the old stem and seeds days dope will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no dope


All of it! Lol
I do 1 hits all day long. May smoke a joint or bowl in the evening, followed by more 1 hits.
Blaze on!


@Mr_Wormwood thank you for posting this!

I have wondered this for a long time.

I not only throw out the lower half of a bowl… Depending on the taste…

Also, I noticed… If non growers saw how much bud I’ve thrown out due to simply not being happy with it, couldn’t stand the taste of a phenotype, etc… They’d freak!

I know I’ve dumped pounds over the years… None of which was moldy or pest ridden.


I take a couple hits off a cart each evening. If smoking flower I will hit a bowl 4 or 5 times before going to bed. Weed is sleep medicine for me.


Avg 5 - 10 joints a day unshared (bout 3g). I find joints get better as they go and the resin builds. Sometimes I’ll snap out of a good daze and realize holding onto a joint that went out 10 minutes ago - that goes to into the roach cup. Besides that I try to smoke em down to nothing.


Thanks for all the replies, everyone!

I love hearing that I’m not the only one doing this, and I really love all these stories of smoking in younger days and the lengths we would go to for a weed buzz.

I, too, would hit a little sneak-a- toke during p.e. Class…sometimes would just skip out after lunch and blow off the rest of the day to go smoke whatever was available.

So desperate and ignorant I once crushed up some of my older brothers seed collection (bag seeds) only to get a headach


Edibles after lunch.A bowl after 7pm of Godfather OG.I sleep so good.
When my son was born I didn’t partake for 16 yrs. But after tonsil cancer was in the picture (8 yrs clear now) I hit it like it was my job.Now pretty much just for a good sleep.