How much diatomaceous earth to add

I’m building my soil using ffhf coco loco mix my own won compost horse manure and chicken manure how much diatomaceous earth should I mix in I have about 15 gallons of the soil mix now just don’t know how much to add to it oh and also extra perlite I added

Assuming you are using it for fungas nats in the soil, don’t mix it in. Just spinkle a light amount on top of the soil after the first watering. I say lightly because to much will cause the top of soil to turn to concrete. Reapply as needed.


Ok cool so I don’t have to mix it in my pot for pot kit came with some and it had me mix it altogether but I’ll just give it a little dusting on the top like you said we get a lot of fruit flys around here

Do you know anything about the Mother Earth bat guano is it good to mix that in your soil or just do like a tea and foliar feed with it

Not familiar with the pot for pot kit, never used it. The guano, yes I’d mix it in per what ever the instructions say. I’ve never put DE in my soil. Lets see if anyone else knows better. @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Covertgrower @Zee @AAA maybe they know better then I.


Willing to bet there’s some in it already. I wouldn’t foliar feed, but tea will work well.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is for pest control and not really for use as a soil amendment. It’s primarily calcium but don’t know if it’s available to the plant.

I live about 3 miles from the mine that extracts all of that DE: it’s nearly pure where they mine it: they don’t bother if it’s less than 99% or so.

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Don’t forget silica!


I use the liquid silica blast is that ok I do it with waterings

Yes @Tristanj424

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I just sprinkle a little on top when needed, never mixed it in with soil.

Yeah, I have used it a few times. Was just concerned cause @Tristanj424 said pot for pot had him mixing it into the soil. I had never heard of mixing it into the soil. I’ve always just applied it to the surface of the pot when needed.

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Yea the pot for pot kit cane with that a coco brick some super soil and some other powered forget what and it had you mix all of it together with the coco

I’m gonna get some DE myself. I started a post and asked the same thing and people told me to mix a little in the soil. But as everyone else here said focus more on sprinkling a little on the dirt around your plant. But I guess it’s silica based so putting a little in the dirt also helps with draining and stuff I guess. Or that’s what people were telling me. But like a really small amount in the dirt so you dont makebit concrete. Or so they told me.

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Yea I mixed a small amount in the dirt I’m waiting for my bone and blood meal to come tomorrow with the bat guano then I’m gonna drop these gold leaf seeds and fleet them started