How much darkness before harvest?

Is it absolutely necessary to do an extended 48 hr. dark period before harvest, or can I just harvest at the end of a regular dark photoperiod?

I’ve never understood why growers might advocate a dark period prior to harvest. Light = energy for plants. If you take away a plant’s lighting, it robs the plant of the energy source necessary to generate and maintain trichomes. A 48 hour dark period is Bro Science.


It’s bro science. You don’t need a dark period.


Awesome…thank you both for the confirmation and quick response!! Much appreciated :blush:


Yup i chop before the light comes on after a normal dark cycle


Less active chlorophyll in the leaves. Less time suffering through the cut grass stink.

True enough. It’s not at all critical for buds on any level that I’ve discerned. Just eliminates some funk.

This is how I do it too. Again, light = energy. That involves chlorophyll, which is the thing responsible for the “grass” and “hay” smell your plant takes on during the drying and curing phase. Longer dark theoretically means less active chlorophyll. Not sure if it really does, but that’s the theory.