How Much Compost Tea to Use

I’m growing in living soil. I just transplanted into 1 gallon pots. Plants are about a month old from seed. I know it’s very easy to overwater when plants are small in large containers. I also know the compost tea is actually to benefit the soil. So how much tea do I use? Soak the pot? Just a small circle around the plant? Thx

How much to make depends on how many plants you have.
Also depends on how much material you use to make the tea as to if you use full strength or dilute after the brew. If tea is made right you could use full strength or dilute 1:1 with water.
You may want to consider feeding them by adding to the saucers so that it wicks up into the soil making the roots search down for the moisture as well as a bit on top more towards the edge of the pots. You can overwater them but that usually happens by watering too often and not necessarily watering them with too much one time. So you could water them using top and bottom and saturate the soil to start and this will better distribute the critters from the tea to get them working on breaking down the nutrients in the soil so the critters poop (exudates) are available to feed the plants.

If it were me I would want to saturate the soil in the beginning and go from there…plant some cover crop like clover and use some mulch like straw on top this will help with with well everything.

Check out this video…

It’s an invaluable resource of knowledge for growing organically and will really help moving forward!

Here is a link to my grow journal covers all my grows except my first one with info you might find useful. I am now growing no till and won’t ever look back

Hope this helps


Good read about growing critters