How Much CBD THC Ratio?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“Do you have info on how much CBD:THC ratio is in the Blueberry strain and the Cheese strain?”

Unfortunately, the only way to know that is to grow them and submit them the bud for testing.

We are having quite a few discussions here on the forum about CBD;THC and ways to get moderate THC and High CDB. Join the forum and tag me @bob31 and I can get you into the discussion!

There are ways to do it that are proven!


Here is the blueberry if you go to the bank scroll down and go to details

and the cheese hope this helps

@bob31 what would be some of those ways to raise both please.

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I’m not sure what you are asking me?

I was asking what are ways to get more thc and cbd? Just want to get the most out of my lady’s.

Generally speaking at our level the best way to do this is to grow two strains and mix them together in small batches.

You will need to do some research though and unfortunately I have learned that if you get 4 seeds of a high CBD strain, one will actually be low in CBD, two will have average CBD and the fourth will have the high CBD. That is why you have to have the bud tested. The other option is to consider using Vape Juice.

High CBD Vape juice is available USA wide on the web right now. It is made from Hemp. What you would do is add that High CBD to vape juice with THC and then you have it!

There are methods to extract the THC bud into solids/ concentrated oil and then you can add an equal part of the CBD Vape and mix it with a vape product like Farm To Vape.

I’d like to refer you to this topic and I would recommend you start at the top and read through it. It’s good stuff and with a little effort the high CBD/THC is very doable! @Wishingilivedina420state

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