How much can u wet trim in 1hr?

Just wondering where I’m at skill set wise……I harvested my 2 big plants and i started at 8am and finished at 3am so 19hrs and a stiff everything……


Next time harvest in stages. No need to chop the whole plant. Also I wet trim on the plant. So much easier…

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I dry trim so the dry goes slower. I want to say 4-5 hours for a LB.

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Unfortunately I can’t do that. I have to do everything all at once as I only have one room to utilize….I can’t grow and hang dry at same time because they would need 2 opposite environments….when I move I will attempt to do that though…….

4-5lb per hr??? Holy $**T!!!

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Oh OK disregard I miss read that lol


Lmao! All good

I wet trim the big leaves, stuff with stems and larger leaves in the bud I can get to. Then dry trim for curing. When I say wet trim I mean literally (at least this harvest)

I cleaned up a lot of the stuff I want off while it was floating in its baking soda bath. It was very gentle on the plant.
On the drying rack. I’ll cut off the bigger sugar leaves etc before it goes into jars

Four plants on a nice sunny afternoon I think was around 3 hours

Dry and ready for trim

A pile of buds

Trimmed and in the jars / bag

This part was another 3-4 hours.


Wow,u weren’t kidding about the wet part lol
Nice colas you got their

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This was a 50/50 wet/dry trim. Trimmed them up 3 days after chop.

Little north of 10oz. ~2.5hr trim. So 4oz hour. Granted I was watching TV and drunk at the time. Lol.


I do about 1-1.5 ounce per hour but I haven’t wet trim since my 1st grow I like how much cleaner I get them from dry

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Last year took about 5 hours per lb. Chopped before dawn, wet trim, wash, hang drip dry, move to drying room.

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