How much can I top?


Hello, newbie here! I have several plants that I now realize are going to be much taller than I would like, for stealth reasons. I just need to know if I can take a foot of top growth off a plant safely. The picture shows 1 of the plants, but the plant type is unknown. The seed came with white widow auto seeds, Maybe a white widow fem? My other plants are purple haze, all from ILGM.

The plant was stated on may 1st, and since I am in USA there is still couple of months of veg time. I now realize that I should have started topping before this, so just looking for advice on keeping this thing short. bushy is OK! Ideally not taller than about 4 feet. She is currently 3 feet tall.

The picture shows a white twisty on the stalk where I’m thinking of cutting. What do you guys think?


@mcsmb Either go up to the next set or down to lower set I would go up and clone the top half I have toped like that before. You want to find a soft part of the plans if you clip it at a spot that is more stick like it takes longer to heal softer tissue heals faster so something to think on when you top but do it soon I’ve taken half a plant top off it stunted growth for like 4 days but it is doable


You can try pulling her sideways a bit after fimming or topping. I’ve done it with good results in the past.


Maybe you could try the low stress train it and bend it over halfway down? Or maybe a quarter way down? It doesn’t hurt the plan as much and she’ll just start going back up to the light again but it will take time and the other parts of the plant will catch up and sometimes even pass it if you go real low. Good luck enjoy your grow


I’d say 100% go for it! I would snip it right below the white tag, right above the nodes, and then also top it again in a couple weeks once those dominant branches grow back up to that 4 foot mark. I like to top at least 4-5 times in veg before sending it to flower. You’ll probably find you’ll get a bigger yield in the end also. Hopefully you end up with a nice short bush with about 20-30 tops, good luck!


You can top anytime during veg I topped mine on the 17th day after they piped from seed and they are looking awsome this is first time I did it that soon I normally wait like 25 days but I did it at 3rd node we will see how it goes lol. And only issues with topping them 5 times is you don’t get the showroom bud pics the look good but that many tops u get more ropes that helps yield but you also get a lot of popcorn.