How much can i expect from my lady?

Im using a 1200w LED light (pulls 300w from the wall), FFO Soil and General Hydroponic Nutes. I did alot of LST and i treat the plant like my child lol. Im just wonder how much i can expect from the harvest? Im still a month or more away from thinking about harvesting but i wanna know what to expect.

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Hard to tell in that light.

If it’s just the one plant probably a few ounces

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I have gotten almost a pound out of a plant. Make sure you get good light penetration.

What do you mean by that? New to this. I have the light at the correct height and its so unbelievably bright. Its rated for much bigger tents and im only using a 3x3


I cant get it in any other light lol

Ok, from what i was reading it was expecting around 8oz. I have 16 main colas and then a bunch of smaller ones. These pictures dont do it justice the plant is very large.

Turn on the cameras flash…it will help some.

When i get home ill try to take better pictures

well I have HLG 1000 w and I got a duban poison to grow a pound. I top them and lst them .


thirty days into 12/12

If it’s a blurple pulling 300w @ the wall, it’s probably good for flowering 6 square feet. Just shy of your 3’x3’. It’ll be adequate for one plant. If all goes well you can expect 3-5oz of useable bud.


the big one is purple haze!!

you need to see the difference in quantum lights vs burps leds friggin day lights

I’m currently using hlg qb’s, & plc light strips. I would only grow with a blurple panel if I lost a bet.

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Growing outdoors I can get pounds off of plants all day long inside you need a lot of light a lot of veg and perfect conditions to get a pound off of one plant it’s all in your conditions it can be done


From looking at your pictures I would say your light is undersized if anything. Something like 2000w led that’s power consumption is about 200 watts? They will usually grow a couple ounces.


My light is turned down for the pictures, its at half when i took them. When its full powered its double as powerful as the pictures show.

from a few weeks ago full power, you can see the different in the color from a ligher pinkish purple to a deep pink red when on full power