How much can I cut


Hi all… so my mother plants are about 3’ tall. I’d like them to be 2-2.5’ tall, can I chop a foot off of the top or will that kill the plant?


@HornHead @Bobbydigital can probably answer this for you . I’m new but I must ask what stage are they In ? I’m wanting to say this is ok as long as they aren’t in flowering but I could be wrong ?

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Probably stress it the hell out


They are 1 month into veg


While plants are healthy & in veg they respond well to pruning. Pruning promotes new growth making the plant more bushier. Cant help u much with that as im still getting the hang of it myself but if u post some pics others might be able to give you some better advice.


Yeah I meant to ask if you could post some pics for us to see ?

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If it’s a mother I’d say you could do a little bit. As chopping it all down to that height might be an issue. Some well placed lst should help some too.


Is that a month from seed ?

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Sure you can cut a foot off her.
I wouldn’t.
Did I mention I wouldn’t?

Maybe try bending the plant over. It’d be a lot easier on your grow, and provide more bud sites than “topping” it.


It’s a clone

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Another thought is to simply cut new clones and just flower the mother or donate to a friend in need. That is what i am doing