How much cal mag do you use and when? Would this stuff work good for cal mag

Sure you can but should you and I would say no to that brand way overpriced for how little you get not to mention WAY to much nitrogen (since cal mag issues are typical at flower time when you need nitrogen least)your better off with ole reliable Botanicare


I will get that brand. Do you just sprinkle it on top the soil
while in flower? Do I get the calmag plus.2.0.0

this what i use 1-0-0


Just put my order in. Thanks! Now you usually add during flower right.

Depends if your doing soil, coco, or hydro. Coco and hydro will need calmag from the start.


using ffof soil


I didn’t see a need for cal mag on my current run until 3-4 weeks into flower. Cheap soil grow.


In FF OF I would start 50% rate weeks 5-6 (a week earlier with autos) then,100% thereafter. I used feed-water-feed schedule and would add calmag on water only days


What do you feed them and how much? I have 3 autos in 3 gallon pots and 2 photos in 5 gallon 1 month old now and the 3 autos are flowering @beardless

When using jacks 321 it’s part of the nutrient schedule.

I used the fox farm trio of Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom. I followed the published soil feeding schedule. At the time, I did not get into all of the extra supplements FF offers. Kept it simple.
Used calmag as needed, molasses and silica during flower.

I have the same trio. But what’s the molasses and silica? @beardless

I use cal mag, Humboldt’s Secret, along with every feed (every 3-4 days). My outdoor girls have been in FFOF (10gal cloth pots) since early April, and have been getting fed the FF trio regiment as well as the water soluable bloom nutrient trio.

But mines are only 1 month not sure if I can feed I was told just cal mag for now

@FreshGrowmie. I have 4 autos in ffof all 4 are just under 4 feet tall at 5.5 weeks old. 1 week into flowering. They started off a bit rough not quite as yellow as yours but the whole plant popped looking a real pale yellow green. Within the week of the yellowing it went away and been good since. I use ffof with gh trio i also add armor si cal mag flower fuel kool bloom wet and dry versions and molasses when either are needed. So far ive had pretty good success just following the schedules on the back. Start off at a quarter or half dosage and see how they react. Start off with bottle says 321 i believe. So i started mine at quarter dose in the 2nd week from sprout. I did 1 tbsp per gallon micro. Half tsp of grow and quarter tsp of bloom and just follow schedule from there. If they seem like they can take a little more next feeding u p the dose til ur at a full swing. Just know from what i have read. The trio goes in the water in a certain way. Micro then grow then bloom to avoid nute lockouts. If u use armor si cal mag and bio root like me. Have to add them to water first the the trio. I go armor si stir. Cal-mag stir. Bio root stir. Micro stir grow stir bloom stir then any other amendments u add go in after them orders. Hope u can understand this and make something of it. Works good for my plants so far. Happy growing. Here is a pic of my girls today

This is a bubblegum in a hydro bucket same nutes and steps just water style not soil. This is 2 to 3 weeks from harvest. Yeah

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That’s crazy cuz I was told not to add anything but water until week 5 or 6 cuz the soil FFOF has a lot of nutrients…also thought cal mag has to be in separated days from the feeding… I have the fox farm trio didn’t even use it yet cuz my plants are only 4 weeks old, but they have been flowering for 1 week it’s weird! yours are looking good did u do any LST? thanks for all the info!

Yeah i read that after it was too late. Had them growing for 3 months b4 getting on here

Ya I’m on week 4 going to hold 1 week or so before feeding

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4 weeks wont hurt to try a quarter to half dose. Iit might help them grow a touch more before flower.