How much are you paying for electric Growing?

I’m just starting growing but before I actually start the germination process, I wanna make sure I have everything I would or may need now through harvest. Also, I would like to get a general idea of what my electric bill might look like. I’ll only be using around 200 kWh which breaks down to $24 per month at $0.12 per kWh. Actually, my kWh is cheaper then that but I rounded it to $0.12 per kWh.

I found this online when researching and even though it’s from 2011 it’s still pretty much the same as it is now, My state is actually cheaper now than it was 2011.

Maybe someone will see this and say “Oh Shit” let me see how much I’ll be paying monthly in electric, lol.

[The Price Of Electricity In Your State]

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I’m in Ontario and we get raped for our electric prices, but with my LED light (pulling 286 watts from wall) 3 small fans (6 watts each) and 4 inch exhaust fan (100 watts), my bill has only increased approximately $20 / month.

About $1.10 per day… If I run on natural gas generator off the grid, $2.50

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$0 I grow all outdoor lmao

As it stands now, I run about 250-350 per month(which includes normal living as well) Thats 3 1kw lights, 2 running 12/12, one running 18/6 (with a digital balast that pulls about 1100-1200watts total per hour per light) ac/heat depending on the season, fans, and dehumidifier.

This is really going to depend on your area and the electric costs.

I just got a new decent sized house in March. Electric bill was running about $180. Started with lights and fans in the new grow-room (2 plants) in July, and saw a $20 increase that month, and another $20 increase this past month. That said, the temp also went ‘summer’ and the AC was running. So in my instance, the increase was negligible at best.

Now running an HLG 260 quantum board, a few small fans (12/12), and a 4" 190cfm exhaust (24/7)