How many watts LED

A question from a fellow grower:

My question was how many watts does a full spectrum led grow light need to be for 3 or 4 plants in a 32 x 32 grow tent to be successful ?

FIrst timer trying to grow for medical reasons . Older and could find no one willing to do business with someone my age . Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated . I have recently purchased a 1000 watt led full spectrum grow light , Happy Frog organic for starting germination and seedling growth and Fox Farm Ocean Forest to use as a growing medium and a 32 x 32 grow tent . This is for personal use only . Waiting for my seeds to arrive I ordered W/W and Gold Leaf . Any thing you can give in the way of advice will help as I am a 25 year retired commercial fisherman who could kill a cactus while trying to help it flourish.


That 1000w will grow you some awesome buds in a 32x32 tent!

My best advice for you would be to take your tent, set it up. Get the light inside the tent and hung, get any fans in that you plan on using, and basically set the whole tent up as if you were actually growing.

Turn everything on, set your timers (if you don’t have timers I would recommend getting a few immediately haha), and just monitor the grow tent for a few days. Check the temps, humidity levels, how well air is moving, etc.

This will really help you get the tent completely ready before you even get your seeds in. You don’t want to have seeds sprouting in the tent and then realize the temps are too high or humidity is too high, whatever it could be.

Being prepared and ready ahead of time is always a good idea. The guys on the forum will be here to help you along the way! :v:


Oh yea and definitely download the free Grow Bible and read it, it has a ton of great information in there!

And last but not least,

Welcome to the forum! I hope you find all the help you need while you’re here, and grow some killer plants in the process! :v:


Thanks for the reply I actually have downloaded the grow bible and read it twice that and the recommendations on here is where I got the ideas for the soil and the fact that FFOF is to hot to seed in . Now I see that Co2 is vastly important and in a small tent that is kept in a room that is normally around 68 degrees and dry are the 02 bags you can buy online and hang going to be enough?
Like I said this is my first grow but it is important for nerve pain relief I haven’t even smoked since the 80s because of having children and stopping when they were born . I hear the quality has vastly improved since then also which will be a treat . Again thank you for your help

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