How many watts for lights and which ones to get

I use one of my blurple LED fixtures for seedlings. You just need to set the lights 24 to 30" away from the seedlings. No need to spend money on fluorescent lights which could be applied to higher end LED’s.

Also; the best value for the money would be using MH/HPS or LEC but can be a problem if heat is a problem in your climate.

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This is an example of what @dbrn32 was talking about:

I’ve had the experience of being misled by Amazon LED importers who overstate the equivalence of their lights. Most “1000w” LED lights actually draw 150w from the wall, and can’t grow a 4’x4’ canopy of cannabis flowers. Can you tell us the brand and model of your current lights? It might be that you already have suitable vegetative lights, and really need coverage for 4’x8’ of flowers.


We are trying to help you, there are variables and there are different options depending on those variables.
You don’t need to veg off of florescents… But you can.
@KeystoneCops gave you a good option of you want to go with florescents but coming from experienced growers if you ask them what they would veg with if they had to buy lights today they will tell you LED’s in 4k like the HLG’s.
Buy two of these. Don’t think anyone here would say that this isn’t a great option.

That being said I have a very high suspicion that your two current lights are false rated amazon lights and would be better off in you veg tent and spending money on flowering lights would be a better use of your money.

What brand/model are your two lights?


That seems kind of rude there has been multiple people in here helping you I dint know what else you expect. You have been given links to lights and told the lights you have will work. What’s the problem?

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Ilgm sells seeds they don’t sell lights and equipment so that being said the info they have is very limited it is a complete different line of work and I would recommend staying on here there is a lot of info and people willing to go the extra mile to help out. And there are 100s of thousands different lights so there wont be a definitive answer all lights work to grow weed but I imagine with you being disabled you are going to want high quality medicine so you’re going to need a high priced light a long with having such a large area in growing in. I used two 1500 w bestva LED off amazon for $300 it grew the plant But it’s not sense and not amazing quality so i had to spend like $800


We’re only trying to help. Part of the problem is that your budget for lighting might not be enough for a 4x8 tent that you already own. The cheapest route is probably a pair of 1000w sealed dimmable digital ballast HPS/MH lamps. You can use one of your fans to draw air through the lights without a filter, and the other fan/filter to control heat and humidity in the rest of the tent. All told, you can get those lamps for under $325 (for the pair).

Something like this will work. The 600w (two of them) would be adequate and save some money upfront and long-term.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit - Easy to Set up, High Stability & Compatibility (Enhanced Version)

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Also, I’m sorry about the trauma you experienced and the way that’s affected your daily life. Everyone here means well, and that includes the ILGM people. You’ll notice they came here to help get lighting suggestions for you, which is above an beyond what most seed sellers will do.


Totally agree with you @KeystoneCops!
I can attest that ILGM, have always given me the best customer service they could provide. Most of the seeds banks will promise to stand behind their products, but few will replace the seeds if they are lost or not germinating. The only complain I have with them (and it’s no fault of theirs) is that they don’t ship to Canada anymore…


I use my HLG 260xl rspec lights for everything. From start to finish. Only 1 grow tent. As soon as the seeds are planted, they go immediately under my HLG’s. Less stress and more friendlier on the power bill.

When I ran my Viparspectra PAR600 I did the same thing as mentioned above.

Also lights is the most important thing you need. There is no substitutes with these…from my perspective.


@KeystoneCops @dbrn32 hello again! guys im still having a hell of a time navigating thru this forum, yesterday i was reading a post where u both were helping a person with his basement set-up that has water seeping in, you guys had a computer image of his set-up & was talking about hydraulic cement and setting his veg & flower room up with double row f strips i believe. im just trying 2 get back 2 that post i need 2 learn bookmarking i guess or tags or something hope that rings a bell Thanks



This is how you bookmark, FYI:

Oops! That’s the wrong link. I’ll keep looking.

Here it is:

@KeystoneCops Yeppers thats the one my friend & Thanks for the other info also i appreciate it ! Your a Gentlemen & a Scholar, no worries i wont tell anybody ! what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas literally i am a Nv boy after all lol ! Thanks

ILGM is in the business of selling seeds. They are based in Amsterdam. Where almost nothing you can get in the 'States is available (at least in 60 hz). They don’t sell lights.

BUT! ILGM had the foresight to set up (and PAY FOR!) this forum to be used as a platform to help growers. You are currently showing serious sour grapes because you didn’t get answers quickly enough. You also state that you are ill.

I will nicely suggest that you have insulted a number of well meaning growers who have comprehensive skills on growing. All of which will work. None of them are really better than another. So what is your problem with a wealth of answers? Also; many of us here are ill too and we do not take it out on others. Some of us are dying.

If you didn’t want an answer to your question you should not have joined the forum and started a post on a public platform.

Good luck to you in your growing adventure.

@MattyBear @dbrn32


Well said @Myfriendis410

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Well put. And my lack of ability to do so is why I remained quiet about that sort of thing. I have a lot of respect for y’all moderators and that. I’d be like this guy, some days:


Big KUDOS 2 u @Myfriendis410 that was very well stated, even though im a greenhorn myself i found those comments 2 be a little repulsive ! i have noticed nothing but the genuine heartfelt willingness of the ppl on this forum 2 help everyone thats in need of guidance regardless of the situation, yes this individual has an illness and hopefully they can realize that we are all here 2 help not hinder!! i apologize in advance 4 my 2 cents if im out of line by replying since it doesnt pretain 2 lights. Peace


That’s pretty much me everyday, literally.


I thank the ladies and gentlemen of this forum for donating their time to help us every single day, and I try to help where I can.

You just can’t beat detailed, customized, and free coaching.


Or a little like a medic…“he’s too far gone, nothing we can do for him…”

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