How many watts do I need for my indoor

Hey I’m planting between 3-4 ladies in a 3,2x3,2 feet tent with a 6.5 feet hight. In meters 1x1x2. Can you tell me whats the best wattage I should use with a led light. They recommend me the king plus 1200w. Is it enough or to much?

Thanks for the help

50w per square ft is the target. So 50 x 9 = 450. Check the wattage at the wall. The 1200w is a misleading statement. Those are true watts. They are replacement value watts.

O and welcome back

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Haha Thanks. Trying some new stuff. Can you recommend me a led light to buy for my tent?

They are so many and last time I made a mistake buying the one I had.

Im going to try Dr.grinsppoon, silver haze, northern lights #5 haze and sensi #32 fem (silver haze x fire OG)

As always Thanks for helping, last time was the best of expirences.

I actually built a diy strip build. Similar to qb lighting. Its very intense and only costs like $1 a watt to build. I have around 400w of it but have only used 200. Look up hlg lighting. Its kinda expensive. But if ur gonna spend. Spend it right. No use buying something ur gonna get fluffy buds with. And if its just waaay to high, u can start small. Or do a build like me.

The king led 1200w actually runs about 260 true watts from the wall.

It’s not a bad light to fill far red spectrum and will produce a dense flower. Add a hlg 260 and your money

Thanks for the research Bob. I suck at backing up facts. But u guys… u the real mvp

I have 3 of the king led 1200 @PurpNGold74, only real reason I know.

The new ones they just put out are very nice and have a bloom/veg switch for the blues and reds

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And do I keep both switches on at all time or do I use them with different stages of the kid.

I only use to supplement far red spectrum.

If I was using as my only light I would keep it all on

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