How many times to feed during flowering

A question from a fellow grower

I’m growing flood an Dran I’ve had them in flowing 2week nw how meny times a week should I be feeding them plz tell me as I’m a first time grower

Generally in hydroponics, feeding and watering are done together, the plant food is in the water given, already mixed together. The number of times you need to flood and drain will depend on how quickly the media you are growing in dries out. Eventually, at the end of flower, you would probably only flood and drain with properly pH’ed pure water without any added “food”, say the last week or two of flower.

@latewood is the Flood and Drain guy, so I tagged him to this so he can add anything he might feel is important.

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IN flood and drain system; I run 15 minutes on and 45-60 minutes off. Watering ofr any hydroponic or soil plany should only be done when lights are ON!

Watering should be curtailed at approx.1-2 hours before Sunset, or lights OFF.

This timing schedule can be varied, but that is the benchmark starting point. 15 on-45 off