How many times a week do you feed


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

All seeds that I have started, germinated fine. I only grow 1 or 2 plants at a time. I have been using the Flower Power fertilizers that I received with my first order. I do appreciate you folks adding a feeding schedule, as to which nutrients for which weeks. And the proper mixing dosages. My question is how many times a week do you feed them(2,4,7)? I would greatly appreciate an answer from you on this. Thank you for your time concerning this matter.


That’s a good question, Maybe we can get @Countryboyjvd1971 I think hes used them


I have not used them yet
Im actually waiting fir a delivery of the flower power as we speak
@garrigan65 @Hogmaster have both used them and @latewood uses them and loves them
Sorry i can not speak from experience yet
Monitoring you runnoff pmm if in soil and pots would help you determine if you need to feed?
Hopefully one of the guys sees the tags and responds shortly


I thought you already used them… my bad…
Maybe I need to not smoke so early in the morning… yummy


All good brother ww will get that answer
I was looking ove the schedule and it doesn’t say
Much other than amounts to add ?


@Countryboyjvd1971 Yep and it gives mostly weights and EC to go by. I found another chart that gave amounts in fraction of tsp and EC which makes it better for us less knowledgeable folks but again no application rate. I think there is a big thread on FP


Both perennials and annuals will stop flowering if phosphorus levels get too low. Phosphorus is used in most vital functions of a plant, so continuing to apply Bloom fertilizer through the flowering stage will encourage new buds to continue forming. The manufacturer recommends applying this fertilizer every seven to 14 days while the plant is in full bloom. Flowering house plants can handle a continuous diluted dose of the fertilizer throughout the year to encourage constant blooming.


Thanks @garrigan65


what about in veg?
I was thinking 1 a week