How many strains do you have in jars


One :cherries:Cherry :pie:Pie

I ran out of jars… need to get more :hugs:


A brief explanation. Parameters are set and if you do not stay as active as you were, you drop out of Level 3 to 2 and then the software requires you get back to the qualifying threshold to be promoted again. We set the parameters way back when we changed to the current software and it operates automatically to the values set up in the system. Hope this makes sense. That’s all I got to give you :slight_smile:


I have 5 ILGM strains in jars from 2018 summer grow.
Super Silver Haze , Super Skunk , Girl Scout Cookie Extreme , White Widow (Auto) and Gold Leaf.


I like it

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Can anyone tell me what the 5 fastest smallest plants that ILGM has ?

Auto or photo


Northern Lights Auto is pretty bomb proof.


fastest and smallest you think?


I grew one outdoors last year in the ground in a super soil plot and basically never touched until I harvested it… I don’t remember the exact number of days but somewhere around 120 start to finish. I think it was around 3’ tall? 3oz plant. I stunted it bad as a seedling though.

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If you flip your lights early, say 5 to 6 weeks, all feminized plants will stay small. That’s what I do. My gold leaf stayed less than 18 inches tall and purple kush less than two feet. King Tut as a sativa dominate strain stayed less that three feet tall. King tut needed some space to spread out.
Variety matters more to me than quantity so the quick grow works out well.

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So in actual fact a photo can have faster turnaround time than an auto…

Can you flip an auto early ?

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I’ve mixed my 4 germinating seeds up… when I opened the paper towel they rolled into each other :sweat:

Do you think I could tell the difference when they start growing?

Jack herer
Northern Lights


Unlike photo period plants autos have there own time schedule you’re just along for the ride. The best thing to do is not stunt their growth.

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I have bubblegum flowering, a blueberry started as well as a northern lights. We could compare as the grow progresses. My NLA may not make it through the week. She decided to be born upside down so I had to do an intervention early. She has never really recovered. :frowning:


That would be great! Tag me in please


Some awesome buds on display!




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