How many strains do you have in jars


I’ve been in the forum every day for over two yrs. I was given regular status briefly part way through my first yr. It went away within a month and has never returned. @Sixpackdad

Point being, there seems to be other controls through the algorithms or mods can demerit you or something. I always assumed it was because of two much sharing


:grimacing: i was reprimanded for being a douche :sweat_smile:


I might be stoned but can others edit previous posts? The forum is screwing with us this morning, no Morning Garden thread, just disappeared and now this.

Update: Now I can edit this post but I can’r edit the one above. PS I’m just baked.


Only 2 here, oz of phantom cookies and lb of tangerine dream. Will be adding wardog, snowberry and maybe a couple more this next grow.


Yah i can edit mine. You are just baked! Have a good day!


dang @ThcinKC you are stocked up good!


There was some recent changes to editing feature, but shouldn’t have had any effect on morning garden topic. We’re looking for it as well, thanks for pointing it out.


Thanks @dbrn32

I can edit posts for a short period after posting. But I was scrolling up to a post I made an hour earlier to edit/update it and the feature is not there (even now)… The baked part comes into play if indeed it has always been this way and I am just noticing. Thanks hahahaha


Well you’re not that baked. The alotted time for editing posts is now shorter than it had been in the past.

I don’t have a solid answer on morning garden thread as of yet, but it does look like there was some site maintenance done yesterday. We’re currently reaching out to see if can first verify that is the cause, and secondly get it restored. I’ll let you know as soon as we do.


Haven’t bought yet, but I’m getting the Dreamy mix pack. Grow a strain for each type of day. One day, ill get to pick and choose effects to smoke. For now, anything to calm the nerves. One just for sleep will happen very much sooner than later! I have 10% coupon with ilgm from a messed up order. I’m gonna get the 10x seed per strain for 229 and get 10% off!
Update: also need to take into account how the strain was harvested. Ie. Clear to cloudy and cloudy to amber ratio.


This is true… so if a strain that is known for its heavy body stone, does that change when its harvested in clear stage… :thinking:


My Cherry Pie is putting out some sweet colours


I will normally have at least 3 strain in jars min
I will sit down and decide what effect I want and choice the strain that will fit my mood @GreenCoat
I with @Willd as well I cure in buckets and will transfer to jars as I need to


Anyone know what happened to the topic " what strains you would like to see on ILGM" @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @garrigan65 @latewood?

Not allowed…? I got know idea what’s considered what’s good & what’s not … :thinking:

Can someone please explain to my why it would be not good ?


It was there this am ???


I don’t know @GreenCoat I will look into it


You’ve got the corner store. Love the variety. Thanks for sharing that.


You sir are a true patriot, thank you for thinking of our military.



6oz of purple haze… 2 .5 weeks I’ll have white widow , monster cookies more purple haze and an unknown grapefruit smelling plant will have a good amount if white widow I have 5 big girls 2 stalks ph with very aromatic buds smells diff then the ones I just chopped so will be 4 but now its 1