How many strains do you have in jars


I just had a friend make a post on FB about suddenly losing a job he has been at for over 12 yrs. He was devestated. I told him to give a shout if he needed any little thing. He PM’d me and stated he needed a big doob. Today I sent him a half ounce each of pineapple haze and blueberry! He’s in my state so he should get it tomorrow. I just love being able to spread the wealth.


I definitely will reach out to people who need it once i get mine cured. Spread the bud!


@nostril that’s about as accurate a description of my thought process day to day as there can be. Thanks for putting it down. This @GreenCoat this is how I decide what strain. Flavor is the most important factor in my selection most of the time. But I usually burn right through my best stuff and then “settle” for the “B-Grades.” But I am always thinking forward as described. btw I cannot look at your user without saying silently “not otherwise specified” and I am working on “tril.” My life is an acronym lol


O.k. here is from my 6 strains of fun
Sugar black rose
Critical bilbo
Blue dream
Acapulco gold
Jack herer
Purple kush
I can’t believe how kick ass critical bilbo and Acapulco gold are really intense. My way of deciding is i check reviews and then i have learned that dispensarie top shelf is subpar and i have like over 110 strains to go through also i have white widow and Dutch treat in jars to


What breeder supplied the Acapulco, if any. Barney’s?? Been itching to try that strain as it was a fav in the 70’s


@ThcinKC, Dang it boy… Get on down!

Man… APGold… . its been a while since I had some of that myself…


Ok cool so which strain do you choose for each situation?

I guess I’m just getting into the psychology of choosing strains for the particular mindset that people want to be in


Yes it was from barneys and this is no joke either if you smoke a bowl at 5pm your high as the Rockies and wake up with a stone over till 9 or 10 in the mourning i just rip a little bud and give it a go with this


I have been trying not to buy in too heavily to what the reviews say, because I think we are all affected differently. So I make my own judgement on how each strain affects me based on a number of sessions in different situations. That’s how I came up with the order I threw out in that list. For instance, Chocolope has never made me sleepy. It has made me clean my house, though. And at times it’s been way too hyped up for me. So I realized that if I’m already in a hyper mood, no way on Chocolope. I’d pick something like Gold Leaf instead. But in reality, I think the differences are smaller than we describe them. @Screwauger makes a good point about taste. My Jack Herer has a really awesome uplifting effect, but the taste is lame. So I rarely pick it up. Meanwhile, OG Kush and Big Bud taste great and they see a lot of play.

Regarding the discussion about Acapulco Gold, I feel pretty sure that’s a parent of Gold Leaf. Gold Leaf seems to be a version of Skunk #1, based on the research I’ve done. But for some reason, ILGM doesn’t want to share the lineage so I guess we can’t be sure. It’s tasty regardless.


The spice of life!
You have that for sure…Nice


Wanted to shout out about your Crohns as I have Ulcerative Colitis (pancolitis) and I have been fixing myself after firing the medical system about a year ago as the poisons they were prescribing me weren’t much if any help. Recently I read info about using Triphala made from the fruit of three trees dried and ground up and it has been really helping my system reset and I am slowly recovering from it over the last 2 months. Triphala has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years.

You migh5 want to do some research on it to see if it might be for you. It has helped several people for other ailments like the morning time like Rheumatoid Arthritis pain and after taking for several days was no longer an issue.
You can’t overdose unless you try and swallow a jar of the powder lol…
The side effects are minimal as compared to the side effects of the pharmaceutical drugs they push on people that cure nothing but many times cause other medical issues.

Hope this helps


Hey fam thank well it’s wat ever had the best smell so at the mo I hav my new stain which is 5river kush and I like the kosher kush too here a pic for u all


They look perfect and really yummy @Shuggz



Unfortunately I’ve only ever tried one strain and that was white rhino. I gave up smoking for many years while my kids were young and I’m only starting to get back into it but around here there is absolutely no strains. And if there is, I’m not in the circles and I doubt they would share their personal gear

I quite enjoyed the effect of white rhino, it was certainly and uplifting energizing feel.

At the moment I’ve got absolutely nothing. I’m waiting on this Cherry Pie to harvest and cure.

I’m certainly going to start growing some autos for a quick turn around for different strains


@MattyBear @dbrn32 … how do I go about getting more :heart: to share? . Seems I run out quick and I cannot show my appreciation as much as ID like to.


Everyone here is limited. You can gain a little more with time, just stay active and within forum guidelines. It’s not a lot though, most of us are always running out.


I got 0 right now im on carts till the girls come down then will have purple haze, white widow , monster cookies and a random bag seed thats very nice grapefruit smelling in flower


Thanks! I will look into it! Sounds much better than steroids like prednisone


That’s why I create these threads so I can get an idea in conversation rather than just people leaving reviews. it’s more natural and you get a better insight rather than people leaving review because they know they’re leaving a review.

I narrow my search down to the seeds I want based on whether it’s more Sativa dominant and then next would be the type of high, then taste/smell.


@greencoat - are you really just at a trust level of “basic” as it shows in your bio? Based on your stats, you should be a regular by now.