How many strains do you have in jars


When I did it, I would pick off the lower small buds, so wouldn’t mess with the fat stuff on top. Stuff enough fresh bud to fill vape canister, and pack lightly. I put my vape temp on 380f for best effect for me. I have the exxus mini.


Love the manifold!! Very nice mainline


Thanks, mate, I have 3 more a couple weeks behind that one. All three are close to creating their 4th nodes on each side for me to top. Those three are going in 3-gallon pots tonight with Natures living soil.


I just got caught up with my first bowl of the day… my current favorite girl Cindy 99.


Your manifold looks like it’s approaching FLUX! Can’t link it here, but if you haven’t checked it out, google “cannabis flux.”


Ill do that right now.


Just had a quick read of it. It’s pretty much what I was doing. I’m using landscape staples and twist ties to pin all site down, but the growth spots. That’s pretty cool to know now. That it’s a real thing haha.


I convinced a guy in the Lab to try it… I am not growing in a style that will let me try it right now. Maybe I can do one outside in the raised garden for shits and giggles… I’ll have to run that by the wife. Heh.


That would be something to see, and an outdoor plant having it done. Once all four of these are in the flower tent. I will have these autoflower seeds by then, I got for free. Its a comparative grow from some UK seed bank. 5 candy dawg autoflower seeds and a promo t-shirt all for free. Just need to do a grow journal on it for them. I’m not one for autoflower seeds, but free is good by me!!!


I have a question in regards to purchasing seeds in 2015 from ILGM

Did anyone make any purchases in this year?

If you did can you tell me how many numbers your order #number is.

They can’t seem to find my order#


I’m sure someone did, however I saved my order number in my email. If you remember your log in for ILGM and password, you should be able to look at what you ordered in the past. @GreenCoat


That’s the strange thing they have removed 2 previous orders from my account.

I do have the order numbers and I’ve supplied them with it but they’re saying they can’t find it I’ve even provided screenshots

They are saying the order number is missing one digit but that’s the order number they gave me and the order prior to that has the same amount of digits


@Greencoat, my had six numbers


If anyone has a 5 digit order number from years ago can you please test it here

I have 2 order numbers from 2015 that cannot be found in their system


Yeah my latest order has 6 digits


Thanks @merlin44

Thats a very kind hearted act you’re doing. Id love to find some people in my area i could help out with my surplus…when i get to that state.


Thanks for the tag. I currently have the following in jars:

Jack Herer
Amnesia Haze
Super Silver Haze
Big Bud
Gold Leaf
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
OG Kush

I tried to list them in order of “active” to “lazy.” What goes through my mind is something like - am I alone, or am I with others? Do I plan to get some things done, or have I finished for the day? What kind of taste am I in the mood for? How high do I want to get? All of these impact my choice.


I’m running Hindu Kush, green poppy, brown cheese and a small amount left of g13. The HK is straight up horse tranquilliser. It can silence even the harshest critic. Literally. The cheese is an awesome day smoke. Green poppy is pretty close to the HK and g13 floats somewhere in the middle of them all. I just finished an ounce of earthgum too. It was light on high. But the flavour was amazing with sandlewood and pineapple twists.


Bubba Gum, Gorilla Glue, Northern Lights (A), Amnesia Haze (A). Lost my entire harvest of Gold Leaf to mold. Jarred too soon.


@nostril, Now that is life right there!