How many strains do you have in jars


I made rosin with a hair straightener twice. It seemed like I was using to much bud. For what I got out of it. When I’ve built up enough cannabis, I’m going to start making edibles, rosin, and gummies etc. To start having multiple options to consume! Probably will get the magic butter machine as well in the spring or early summer.


I am really looking forward to getting my first manifold plant into flower. Just want to see 12" to 16" of vertical grow. Before I move her to the flower tent.


Nice! Exactly in the direction I am going… As much as I love smoking it, the taste and so on, my lifesytle I have at this time, would flow better with me being able to carry with me and consume it as I go…

I take my meds from day light to dark… I am not interested in going without them.


Dang @JD419WhyWait, If that is LST I am looking at in those photos… . NICE JOB!


It’s a mixture of LST, Topping, and the 8 colas from making her into a manifold. The collage photo is a comparison of not quite 24hrs after I defoliated her. I use twist ties and landscape staples to LST her down. That way all bud sites are soaked in the QB light.


I was smoking from daylight to bedtime, but running out, so playing it conservative for now.


Nice job @JD419WhyWait, I did something similiar with my big buds. Had 2 in a one tent and had them cross each other. Neither was topped so they made giant main colas. but I also got another 13 big colas out of the side shoots as well. Was under 4 bulb COB and didnt have a lot of headroom to spare so I kept them under a hand made screen and was able to pull it down to control their growth as they stretched. I was able to fit a 4 1/2 foot plant down to less then three feet including the pot.


Looks awesome mate, I have 3 girls in the flower tent not topped. They aren’t pretty to look at. I had to bring them back from heat and underwatering. Filter got clogged and trapt the heat in the tent. Anyways, I needed to get them into flower as soon as they were ok to go, so I didn’t top them. Instead, I’m just continuing to keep the main cola bent sideways, so her buds are exposed to the light, and can grow horizontal.


5 but 3 i picked up in town widow, kandy kush ,bubblegum, green crack, and grand daddy purps. If my vegas trip falls threw i plan on drowing 2 different strains.


I recently found a nugget in a jar in my bedroom and smoked half if it. It’s definitely the very last of my northern lights. Amnesia Haze doesn’t last with me so that’s all gone. So I have 1 bowl of Northern lights and my most recent Blueberry harvest. Ask me again in a year and I should have a much better response. Just got the second taller tent up and running so I can keep up with my pothead self. I enjoyed everyone’s pics and answers :v::green_heart:


How kind of you to do that :heart:


Well, Victoria is 2.5" taller than the manifold. I’m looking for another 10" to 14" before flower tent for her. I took her las big fan leaves today. From her side nodes. Now that those are on their 2nd node, I feel safe to take the big fan leaves underneath now. I debating to take the big leaves. Every time i have a new node or two.


Just took a big hit of King Tut. It’s pretty good. Smells and tastes wonderful. Earthy pine. Great high, nice mellow and relaxing. Lasts along time. I feel it in my eyes. I’m also easliy distracted.


I’m about to have a bowl of my white widow. Now that I’ve checked out the plants with lights on.


I’ll join y’all for a hit of some blueberry. Happy smoking and growing


Just like that. All the anxiety and stress just melts away haha


I have 4 jars of gorilla glue. The buds just went in to the jars after 7 days hanging. Been in there for 3 days. I sample some with my wife and it is already delicious taste and long lasting high. Cant. Wait. Until. 100% cured. Gonna be banging! In 2 more weeks out til I get my pineapple kush for harvest and i have ww six shooter ssh and lemon ak in veg right now. And berry bomb in seedling stage


Something I did on my first grow. I couldn’t afford any bud, so read about vaping fresh bud. It works perfectly, and far better than quick drying. You’re only vaping the resin that way.


Thats a cool idea thank you!


I would like to know more about that, guess I will do a research. Thanks!