How many strains do you have in jars


I currently have one bud (see below) of Skywalker OG from May '18. My Northern Lights is currently starting flowering so I am hopeful it will get done about the time I need it. That Skywalker turned out to be pretty good. I only smoke once or twice a day most days and it keep me happy ! I can’t believe that it has lasted this long.

I am now resigned to waiting on the Northern Lights Of Texas to reward me, finally got my journal started ! ! . Looking forward to the sleep medicine. The Northern Lights of Texas

Have a Great Day. Jerry :sunglasses::us:


Hey! Did you know a guy there named Dale Scott?

Let’s see:

White Widow
Sour Diesel
Gold Leaf
Big Bud
Purple Haze
Fruit Punch


Hey @GreenCoat, thanks for the tags, fun topics you are authoring of late.

Nearly 5 lbs cured and ready to vape/smoke
Blue Haze, Purple Haze, White Widow, Gold Leaf, Super Silver Haze

Several weeks before this was harvested I found a group of veterans (I am USN from the '70s) in need of medicine, gave them 3 lbs to distribute to ailing brothers and sisters in arms.


11 strains, Gold Leaf, chronic widow, AK-47, OG Kush amnesia haze cross, fire OG, kosher Kush, Girl Scout cookies extreme, California dream, GG#4, Northern Lights Auto, and Train Wreck.


@Myfriendis410 - Don’t know that name. The apple orchard we used was on about 100 acres - North Northeast…


Hows that KingTut? What is your take on that? Never tried it before! Easy to grow?


You rock! Blessings to ya merlin44!~


I have one jar with a little bit of white widow. I’m about out of bud, so will be looking around the area for some. Just for the next 2 months. Then, my perpetual will be going full force! I got free candy dawg auto seed for signing up to a comparative grow, and getting a t-shirt for free that says candy dawg. Next month, I’m buying the Dreamy mix pack. I’ll be stocking different strains in the coming months, but for now, I’m SOL!


Too bad there is not a safe way for those of us with surplus to supply those of you that are running low on stash. Bummer…


I have OG-kush, Northern lights and AK-47 in Jars. Fullest 1 is OG the 2nd fullest 1 is AK and the almost empty 1 is Northern lights. to relax and pain reducer , I like the OG best. here are some pics. I use smaller jars.



Be good to help out others like us on here. When my perpetual is on a regular schedule. I have a feeling I’m going to have plenty of bud.


I have 3 in 2nd week of flower, and 4 and a new clone in the veg tent.


I have no doubt…the challenge for me (at this point) is getting rid of my surplus. I hate to throw it in the forest for “recycling” but I can only keep so much on hand. Maybe the forest creatures and fir trees are getting a buzz. LOL I only keep it until the next harvest is cured than I either find a home for it or to the forest it goes.

I could grow just once every two years or grow just one or two plants per year but I really like growing and learning. I am NOT complaining, that would be unseemly.


That sounds awesome to me. If I find people in Colorado. When we move their end of the year, id happily gives away. If I could trust them that is. I won’t be putting a craigslist ad up, saying free weed, I have too much lol. Be a bit of a security issue. Even in legal places haha. You should check the bud you throw out for sneaky seed on there. Might go back, and see plant(s) growing haha.


How many strains do I have in jars? Hmm.

I have:

  • Brothers Grimm Crystal Blue - 1 one gallon jar (4/5 full)
  • Brothers Grimm Crystal Blue - 2 one quart jars
  • ILGM Blueberry Auto - 1 one gallon jar (3/4 full)
  • ILGM Gold Leaf - 1 one gallon jar (full)
  • ILGM Blackberry Kush - 2.5 one quart jars
  • Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 - 3.25 one quart jars

I also have about an ounce of ILGM Chronic Widow and two ounces of ILGM Gold Leaf that I’ve taken out of jars and have let dry out completely (going to be extracting it).


I’ve got about a lb total. 1/2 is sweet amnesia from last outdoor and couple oz each of last indoor sweet amnesia and
Fire hydrant.

Pic is fire hydrant nite before trimming.
Outdoor amnesia I’m turning into honey.
Kicks like a mule. :grin: in the vape.
Peace all. :v:


@GreenCoat, I have to check my freezer to count my labeled jars to give you an accurate number, but it is a decent variety of strains. It’s just not a lot of quantity compared to others because I keep helping those in need on Disability at no charge. The Government wants us to gamble at times with the one thing you can’t come back from, yet if you survive with severe disabilities monetarily it’s barely enough to get by unless you work under the table. For example, I work doing Leak Repairs in th


the Roofing Industry. (Residential & Commercial).


i have 6 to 7 weeks to go for my blue dream girls so no jars till then next up iced grapefruit and la confidential


I heard that!

I have been trying to give away a whole bunch of morphine from when I ditched BIG PHARMA, a few months ago. I don’t want to waste such expensive meds, but I don’t need them. I thought the same thing, maybe I can trade them or give them away.

Do you have the options of making hash or Rosin or something such?