How many strains do you have in jars


i have gorilla glue,fresh candy,and pineapple haze,purple kush,master kush,amnesia haze,pure indica,la confidential,and bluecheese at the moment…


I go thru an ounce a week in my house so that’s why I started growing and I’m about 4 weeks out from harvest so I only have what I buy right now. Just picked up some Marion berry yesterday


U need more jars bro. Ive seen ur flowering clones and flowering mom. Ur gonna be flush.

I have one strain in jars. Critical purple


An OZ would last me a year… not kidding!


Thats what i thought too, but i burned through a zip in no time lol!


Lol I have crohns so it’s needed more often than not and a husband who likes to get high :joy:


Do you store ur seeds in a fridge or freezer? I think the seeds prefer to hibernate cold. Seeds stored cold can last years (or so i hear/read)

Anyone? Correct me if im wrong pls


I hope so! I was hoping to pick up some second hand jars along the way… but that isnt likely to happen. So ill grab more online closer to harvest.

Vacuum packed and put in the fridge


Come over anytime and ill smoke u out!!


I found target is cheaper than Amazon for jars


My last Colombian girlfriend had it. It was hard seeing her go through it. Couldn’t take painkillers or anything because it just makes it worse and she didn’t smoke weed


Dang, @wild and all his buckets of gold, times like this i would say, (dang it boy)

Well i too have a bunch of empty jars. Well they are not all empty. I do have a jar of blueberry left.


I have Girl scout cookies and OG Kush. May have a jar of my outdoor somewhere too, will have to check my hiding spots lol
This round I am running more GSC, love it for evening/night time smoke and the OG Kush keeps me in a good mood all day with out making me lazy.
Also have T99 going this round too.
Variety is the best :blush:


I just have last fall’s White Widow in jars. I’m looking forward to getting the Maui Wowie in jars in June!


I’ve had up to 5, right now i have 0 :cry:


Well depends on harvest but right now I have 4 strains. What goes through my mind is a lot I ask myself questions on how I am feeling. Ex. Can’t sleep I roll a joint of some white rhino helps relax and gets me to able to sleep. Morning I know going for a sativa and then would depend on which one is cured better. And right now the chocolope is great for the morning and daylight hours. Then just on taste would be the blackberry kush relaxing and anytime of the day just because the taste is awesome. Not good for all day smoking. Bruce banner #3 is good but still curing so hopefully that will improve over time.


Got 3 first grow…Big Bud which is still curing. Goldleaf which is for the daytime. And I totally agree with @smokin_ernie, The ILGM Blackberry Kush is the tastiest of the three and potent.[Uploading:



Yes forgot to say potent!! Definitely good


Blueberry, NL 1&2, amnesia haze, og kush, bluberry jack, lemon skunk, church, false teeth, cheese… nighttime NL or Blueberry and just try to rotate smaller stashes In between larger stashes


From left to right. Purple kush, purple haze, kingTut x2, Granddaddy purple, Goldleaf, outdoor mix, White widow ×2, pressed dry rub kief mix and Bubblegum.

I use PH, Bubblegum mix when I’m active or need to clean the house. It gets me motivated. Goldleaf and Purple kush are great daytime bud. I make edibles with WW and Granddaddy purple. WW makes me happy and GDP to wind down at the end of the day. King Tut is potenet and very aromatic. I that it easy with that. A little goes a long way. Good energetic bud that lasts a long time.