How many strains do you have in jars


When you make a decision which one to smoke what goes through your mind? Or you don’t look into it that much…?


Haha me to


I don’t no I just pick and it’s like wine longer it sit the better


Last three nugs of purp!! My babies are still 4-5 weeks to harvest…:flushed::sob::sweat:


Im about 5 weeks out with my Cherry Pie clones


I am dry until my first grow is completed. :grimacing:


I currently have 4 strains in jars however; I have blueberry from 3 plants so they are labeled bba1 bba2 and bba 3. I also have purp haze, pineapple haze and green crack.

I do cycle through the jars and mostly it hazes from now til dinner then I switch to blueberry. I also have samples from friends (thanks @Willd) so lately it’s been gorilla glue before bed.


Awesome response mate, thank you!

My next run will be auto mix so i can have that same luxury of choice.


I have 30 grams of White Widow left from early 2018 and my Christmas grow just finished curing. I have about 230 grams ready to smoke. White Widow again. I also made a bunch of hash from one plant…I have two more White Widows going for my Spring grow. My summer grows of 2019 will be an Indica mix pack from ILGM. I just need to decide which. My goal is 3 strains by the end of the year


I’d have to own stock in the Ball jar company to use them to store my harvest.
I usually try to grow 10-12 strains per grow and harvest about 6-7lbs so here are their names & current weights in oz.
Pineapple Haze

Purple Haze

Gold Leaf


L.A. Confidential

Fresh Candy

Gorilla Glue

Pure Indica

Mix of premature Blueberry, L.A. Conf & Gold Leaf

Mix of secondary harvest of all 8 strains

BBA3-pressed into rosin
Purple Haze

Pineapple Haze

Purple Kush-pressed into rosin
L.A. Confidential- pressed into rosin-
I can’t really smoke flower anymore so I make oil from rosin
Here are my current strain profiles.

DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018

@Willd I worked a 1/2 acre stealth grow in the 90’s - outside of Julien, CA area. Your grow brings back memories… Wish I could do that again…

Super jealous!!!



We got ripped last year so this year everything is behind locked gated fence with real time HD surveillance. It’s a shame to have to do that in such a remote area but that’s the way the world works and I have no illusions that any of my neighbors are my friends


Wow wow wow!!! That is WILD!!!


One, but will have another harvest before it’s gone


I unfortunately only have one. Maui Wowie. I started my grow op with WWA and they lasted me about 9 months. I ran out just as I harvested LA confidential, which I grew over the summer and got only 5 jars due to an onslaught of mites, aphids, and bud rot. That ran out just as I took down my MWs. So I got 7 jars. The gold leafs come down next week. Another MW crop comes down mid-April, Chronic widow in June and then Cali Dream in July. Then I can answer this question :slight_smile:


Plenty to look forward to


Banana Kush, and blueberry is still drying. I’ll have more soon!


I just finished trying to germinate 10 blueberry seeds over last few weeks . Unfortunately none germinated in water or in peat pots. Must have spent some time in storage before coming to me cause i had them in storage for a while myself. Would be good to know how long your seeds are sitting at the seed bank so you can time your own storage.


Man, you got the edit in just in time.


Im half asleep :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: