How many strains do you have in jars

I always check out your links :wink:


I’m sure Mr Bergman appreciates it… after all it benifits ILGM


They are good deals :+1:t4:


2 Purple haze hag seed phenos ,white widow ilgm , 1 unknown, monster cookies so 5

about 17 ozs total got about 12 left already lol


3 strains currently: Super Skunk fem(outdoor)
Og kush af (indoor), Blackberry kush fem (indoor)
Also have Banana kush fem (indoor) that I chopped 2 days ago, will be jarring her up in 6 days
Unless my taste buds overrule I us ally smoke the og in the am blackberry during the day, Super skunk before bed, and I suspect the Banana will be PM stuff also

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Ogk af


Bbk fem


I currently have 4 strains in jars. Gorilla Glue, Bruce Banner, Gold Leaf, and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme.
The cookies ended up with some nice purple and tastes incredible. The gold leaf is this lovely shade of green and tastes quite earthy and wonderful. The Banner smells like someone strained diesel fuel through tropical fruit. And the GG just stones your face.


I ended up picking some chocolope up from the cannabis cup and some London pound cake


I need to empty some jars. Currently I have:

  • 4 one gallon jars of Alien Fruit Cake x Cinderella 99 (“Dejah”)
  • 6 one quart jars of AFC x C99 (“Dejah”)
  • 2 one quart jars of Cindy 99
  • one gallon jar of Gold Leaf
  • one gallon jar of Brothers Grimm Crystal Blue
  • one quart jar of Purple Skunk
  • two quart jars of Blackberry Jush
  • Two quart jars of ILGM Blueberry (auto)

And then a dozen or so of those silicone dab containers with 2-3g of resin in them. I need more friends.


That was wonderful of you. That is a great idea, I like to grow more than smoke and my husband is a Vietnam Veteran. Maybe we can help out some of his old buddies at the reunion this fall. Still have to be careful who you give it to, right? God Bless You! :herb:

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All those strains you have or my wish.:herb:

Currently four. Maui Wowie, NYC Diesel, Jack Herer and LA Confidential. Soon to add, White Widow and Power Plant. All ILGM.

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Hello @roseofsharon, I am guessing how many strains I have vacuum sealed, but I would guesstimate 14 - 18 different strains I have accumulated. Some are down to a few joints, and some exponentially more. I like variety, and I like doing a mix up stoned joint. I take several strains and mix them up break it down, so I can roll several joints. It’s only my opinion, yet it gets a different stoned feeling & intensity plus heightened. Have a relaxing Sunday…


I have six strains:

Chemdog June 16
Blubbery Auto June 22
Dark Devil Auto June 29
Purps clone July 7 and 13
Jack Herer July 13 and 20
Sweet CBD Auto July 30

It’s the first time in 2 years of growing that I’ve had this many strains in jars; and the first time the germinating/harvesting was staggered just right.