How many squared feet does a plant need? (Indoors)

The best you can buy I believe .

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Not sure if thats in my budget atm, maybe soon i guess

Hi @yoshi, was reading through the specifications of the light you recommended and i ran into a hitch, it asks you to choose between “light spectrums” as i do not think it is full spectrum but for single purpose. In your opinion what would you pick? I thought the white/red 3:2 medicinal option was most suited for an indoor cannabis grower but i am unfamiliar with what light spectrums Cannabis thrives in.

4:1 would be better for full cycle grows .

Yeah that makes sense.

I’ve got to tell you this is the greatest light!!. With a P450 and he loved it so much that he went straight to the P1200. He just purchased his second P1200. Not a man of much science, but he does know what responsive plants are. The stretching stopped. The plant is clearly growing at a rate he had never seen. The veins in the leaves are more defined. The leaves are darker green and the vegetation is dense. The root ball is enhanced (can see it when transplanting). The node spacing on the plant is closer and overall the plant is more robust. Been using these lights since early November. The first girls were just put in to flower about 10 days ago and you can bet I will follow up with the results, but my expectations are
high. He? was doubtful because of all the double speak and attitudes about LED out here, so He original bought the 450 so he couild growr his babies under the veg light of the P450 side by side with Hydrofarms 8 bulb 400 watt T5. Same clones, born the same day, same soil, same food, same cycle. Only the light was different. In veg mode, at 137w in veg mode running the P450, that is 263 LESS watts burning that the T5. They responded with nearly double the growth rate. While the others are still in veg, the three he raised under the 450 are in the flower room at day 10 under the P1200. That’s right, 27 days from birth to flower light. He is going to replace his entire lighting system with these lights. No ballasts, compact, easy to mange and clean. The fans are noisy, but no noisier that the 750 CFM I cool my 4 1000 HPS with. The HPS don’t know it yet, but in his
¿room…their days are numbered. Outstanding light for all stages of growth. I would highly recommend it. I got dizzy reading…par, lumens, watts, nanometers…Ihe justt had to try it and see. For the price and the warranty…the savings on bulbs and power, the exceptional response of the plants…this light is for me. My bro saw the response of his plants, got jealous and is going right out to buy one too.

A follow up for my friend in OR…two pics. Same girls…4 weeks into 12 hours. 9 weeks old…01-01-16. Node space is averaging 1/2". He pinched and trained them as they went. Healthy, same amazing colors, leaf definition, drinking and eating more and faster than anything I have ever grown. I am ordering two of theseh lights myself.

So I highly recommend this light and it with
Out perform the H.P. S .

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Thankyou will! Thats what i needed today! If you can tell me some specifications like “how many plants under 1 p1200, and how high to have it” you got me sold brother!

Well that’s an easy one yo answer. Lol
Rule of thumb is …if it hurts your hand… then its to close to your
Plants. So you move it up.
How !any plants depends on the size of your grow room.
An average plant needs one square foot…

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Core light is where you get the most effective light. I personally grow 2 plants per 4ftx4ft tent and they fill it up nicely without growing into each other.
I had heard that the back of the hand test isn’t reliable for LED due to how the light is concentrated per bulb. Maybe @How many squared feet does a plant need? (Indoors)

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So pretending I have 5x5ft space, i could have 5 plants? I heard the very same thing, that test is unreliable for LED’s but never leard how else to guess hight. Thanks!

I try to learn you summin when I told you guys I had an Advance XTE 200 which is they latest model which out perform the DS XML light 2/1 , but since I had the China brand 400 watt I decided to run the two together my last grow and what a difference . But I didn’t do bad with 4 plants under the XTE 200 by itself honestly . But Advance LEd is like one of the top , very top contenders , the Kind LED lights are kick ass too , but the Apache Tech AT600 is by far the best money can but but a hefty price , but $5,000 for 2 of those lights in a 4x4x8 will quadruple it’s investment in 3 years . But that Platium Advance 1200 LED is a good investment huh Garrigan62 , thank you for the heads up , but you been considering LED huh or you done already switched on me huh , my Brother !!!

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Hahaha, on first inspection i felt the P1200 was better bang for the buck than the XTE 200 or 300 but on this inspection im stumped again… Haha… With the DS XTE models i worked out that you pay less per squared ft buying multiple DS XTE 100 rather than the DS XTE 200/300/400 and that kinda annoyed me lol. But in an honest opinion what is better, buying the XTE models or the P600-1200 models… So far im changing opinion like a women changed clothing.

@Yoshii, no have not made the switch yet, but plan on changing when I start my breeding.
I have done so much research on this I feel like oi have one…lol
I’ll give you a buz when I make my purchase…
I’m also going to be doing a complete journal on breeding.

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This is because LEDs can put out very specific spectra, and often very little heat will be emitted, and very little Infra Red (IR is found in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where heat and many other forms of normally non-visible radiation reside), or no IR at all from the included spectra is provided by the LEDs, and therefor there will be very little heat that could be felt even if “too much” or “too intense” of light is present by being too close to the plants.

And so, not that unlike a sunburn, where the sunlight never felt too hot, but the uv was too much and this damages a person’s skin, the intensity of the Photosynthetically Active Radiation, or the part of the light important to photosynthesis, this can be too strong – to the point it actually causes photoinhibition, a condition that actually decreases the efficiency of photosynthesis of the plants when they are exposed to too much light. This can cause fading, bleaching, and/or stunted development to the parts of the plant too close to the LEDs

And so, yes many lights can be too hot for plants if too close, but many LEDs will not feel hot and can still be too close to the plants where it causes more harm than good.

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So what is an effective method of guessing hight?

Usually LED lights will will give you an effective coverage area for veg and another for flower, the flowering distance will be closer and will be close to max close distance. The manufacturer will have the best info and other recommendations.

If your leaves are staying small and you notice slowed growth, or any of the other symptoms previously mentioned, you probably have your lights too close.


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Thnx MacG, very helpful

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Good to hear @pigSquishy, if you had a picture thatd be amazing? How many plants do you have under your p450’s?

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