How many seeds in Fruity MixPack specials


Is the Fruity Mixpack offer 3 x 3 seeds equal to 9 seeds or did it mean to say 3 + 3 (equaling 6 seeds)


No, I think that is right, 3 blueberry, 3 pineapple and 3 strawberry.


You can choose yourself. Every seeds mixpack has 3 strains in it. For each mixpack you have these options:

3 x 3 seeds
3 x 5 seeds
3 x 10 seeds
3 x 20 seeds

Check the Fruity MixPack here


I love the Mixpack idea. But as I stick to autos, is there any chance you can offer an Autoflower Mixpack?


Great idea Paulie! It will be added to the shop sometime soon!

Check the Marijuana Mixpacks section on the shop now and then

Happy growing,

Robert Bergman


I think it is a great idea to have mix paks of all genetics. Regulars, Feminized, Autos, and specific Indica, Sativa paks. It is great to be open to all marketing ideas.