How many seeds in a pot?

I purchased 5 auto flowering seeds. I just started with one and I’m on day 4, but I’m wondering if I need to use the remaining four seeds soon or could I have added them to the same pot? Pardon my ignorance; this is all new to me, haven’t even been smoking for long😔

Best to plant more than you plan to harvest. Don’t want to waste 4 weeks on one seed that turns out to be one of the 20% of the best strains that doesn’t grow big n fat. Also, something happens to one…you will have not lost that time and effort.

Suggest you start ALL the seeds you plant at the same time. And also suggest you put only one in each 5 gallon pot.

Magz…THE ONLY stupid question…IS the one you don’t ask. WE to think we are wise and important and jump at the chance to answer questions…so ASK AWAY


Thank you so much! I was confused about it because I purchased a kit with everything for one 2 gallon pot, and seperately purchased the five auto flowering seeds. I suppose I’ll have to get more of the soil and nutrients for the remaining seeds.

I wouldn’t plant more than one seed per pot. You can run into issues like one plant needing different nutrients than the others, having them get root bound, or competing for space.


Yeah that makes sense. Thanks!

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