How many seeds in a pot and how many plants in a 5x5 grow tent

How many seeds should I put in each pot and can I grow 4 pots with two seats in each pot in a 5 by 5 grow tent with two 600w LED lights

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One seed per pot keeps the roots from getting tangled and causing competition, and makes it possible to individualize their diets. A lot of times, LED panels describe the total of the max output of the LEDs, not actual wattage consumed. Which LEDs do you have? General rule of thumb is about 50 watts per square foot for typical LED panels, 35-40 watts per square foot for some of the more high end panels.


hey @Ford12 welcome to the forums, yea, i would only put one seed per pot, if i put two per pot it would be with the idea i was going to take out the lesser of the two after a short bit of time to see who was better and would only do that with cheap or box seeds, whatever they call em, lol.

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Not sure of the brand unfortunately but it says one light would be sufficient for a 3 by 3 area I think it said something like 180 for vegetation and 244 bloom it does have the switches on the side for veg and Bloom sorry I sound like an idiot I’m just an old f----- trying to figure things out thanks for your help sorry for not having all the information


I am going to use good quality seeds feminized ones and plan on using some good planter boxes whatever you want to call him for planning in them plan on germinating them in the pot not transplanting them

The light itself is called digital grow is that a shity brand or will it work all right

Says it looms for veg is 3670 and Bloom is 4550 if that means anything sorry I’m kind of not very smart on these things yet thanks for all your help though hope you don’t replying to a person that’s uneducated about this stuff yet

So here’s what I suggest: read some of the guides. Download the Grow Bible. Ask questions like you are doing. Do NOT plant anything yet.

Can you provide any more information on the lights? The only digital grow 600’s I could find were MH/HPS. If in fact are LED’s they will have the actual input voltage and current listed on the unit. That’s the important info for them to see if it’s enough for your space.

You are going to need:

-A good digital PH meter
-ditto for a TDS meter
-decent soil suitable for cannabis. This cannot be overstated: you want as natural a product as possible simply to avoid harsh chemical tastes after cure. Fox Farms, Scott’s, Black Magic and others have soil designed for cannabis and uses ingredients like worm castings and bat guano. You really want to stay away from any soil that says “moisture control” or “no feeding for 3 months”. Be leery of Miracle Gro products.
-Fabric pots are the best and inexpensive. 5 to 7 gallon
-Some means of handling and delivering water to the plants. R/O water is preferable unless your muni water supply is low in solids (naturally soft).
-PH up and down for adjusting water in
-A variety of oscillating fans to provide air flow.

Seeds really need to be germinated unless you have a ton of them. At $10 each I try to make sure they all sprout. The best way I’ve found is to immerse in R/O water with a few drops of peroxide in it. Leave in a warm dark place (I use my cable box) and leave until a tail forms. Once sprouted the seedling can be put into any good starter media. I use coco but there are peat based starter soils that contain no nutrients–perfect for cannabis. Solo cups with a crap ton of holes in it are great. A clear dome over the seedling.

This will get you started. If you need to tag anyone in use the @ sign ahead of their handle.



The input voltage is 120 / 240 and I am using the the farms brand soil using the fabric bags 5 gallon with handles on them also mixing some of that coco type that comes in bricks I’m going to mix that 50/50 to blend with the organic soil for the hemp


I wasn’t sure about the water but by my tent my RO system is right there so I can take a tube from that to water the plants but I wasn’t sure if the RO water is better than regular tap water


You will grow more if you do 5-3gallon pots in your 5x5 just make sure you have enough watts to get full potential


Would I be able to use the three gallon from germination to flowering or would I need to transplant into the bigger pots


Lots of growers do plant right into their final pot. The concern is autos can in theory be slowed down by transplanting. A bit of care will actually make things a bit smoother by transplanting up from a seedling into an intermediate container before their final home. It gives you a chance to examine root health too.

Coco is a good medium. Coco mixed into soil makes a weaker soil. You might stick with the organic soil but start your plants in Solo cups of straight coco. No nutes for the seedling.

3 gallon pots will allow for more plants but smaller. Not a bad plan if you can control their size to some extent. It’s problematic if you are growing autos. Not so much with photos as you can flip whenever you want. (within reason) That’s kinda where Hog was going with that, I think. More, smaller plants can be turned around more quickly too.

The voltage you gave is good but there is a wattage or amperage listed too. That’s the critical measurement available to us. An actual model number we can Google is helpful too.


Ok I will get that info on the light. Just worry about transplanting and mess up the roots,but I guess if I do it’s not like I have lost a lot it will be a learning curve.thanks for the input I will get that info write it down and make sure I have it all and send it to you Thank you very much.


An average space for an adult plant is a 2x2 foot print. Like other said you’ll need a lot more light for that space. I built a good light for $250 for a 2x4 spot.

Here’s a list of stuff I have for my three grow rooms
Check out this Idea List on Amazon: MassCanGrow - my growing supplies by MassCanGrow - Idea Lists

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unfortunately those lights r good for veg, but lack intensity for great flowering,
they will flower plants, just not great,

at 244 watts each…
244+244=488w / 50-60 wpsf = 8-9 sq ft for fllower,
those 2 Blurple LED’s will light a 2’ x 4’ area of your tent in flower.!

like Myfriendis410 said…
read, read, read, watch a chit ton of u-tube videos, then read, read, read again,
find as many grow books as u can and read them all,
it is best to learn about the project BEFORE starting it.!!

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Then how about philizon 2 1000 watt grow lights will that be enough from start to finish

personally i’d stay away from amazon,
they have already sold u an inferior light fixture, why go back…???

for flowering plants…
Migro, HLG QB, and Optic 1 r the best lights right now, efficient and intense.!
CMH, 400-1000w HPS, and some high end Blurples r next best,
low watt HPS, cheap Blurple, and T-5 floro will work, but it takes a lot of total watts.
CFL is not worth running, no intensity and very inefficient.

All right I’ll just send back the other ones I’ll get the ones that you Center the best counting on you taking your word for it have no reason to leave your lead me astray I just saw a HPS we’re old school and too hot but I guess with the vents coming in and out I guess we’ll be alright thanks again preciate you ordered you know thanks man

Don’t mind my words they get jumbled up I am talking into this to text they don’t come out right hopefully you get my meaning again thank you

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