How many pots and how many liters/galons in my tent?

Hello how are you? I am planning my next grow and I have a question!
I have a tent of 80x80 cm (2.62 x 2.62 ft) and a 350 w led light.

I want to know how many points you recommend and how many liters / gallons to get the best productivity for autoflowering!

thank you!! :slight_smile:

  1. What genetics are you using?

  2. Do you want yield or speed?

  3. What specific light do you have, if you don’t mind me asking?


Hello! Thanks for asking, I know it helps to give better help!

1.The ones I get here in Argentina at the moment are: Buddah, BSF, Kannabia
2.I am looking for a balance between yield and speed.
3. i have a led all spectrum. (led cob)

Which exact strains are you growing?

I want to know which exact light you have and who made it so I can research it.

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I have a led panel built by myself. 50w cobs. I bought all the components separately and put them together. I do not know if they will be the real wats but until now I did not have any problem.image

I don’t really know what variety I will grow. I’m waiting for you to tell me some variety that is of good production from the mentioned banks or go for some indica

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I don’t have any firsthand experience with those seed companies. Having said that, I’ve heard Big Buddha talk about his work on Cheese.

If you can get ILGM seeds shipped to you, I’d try Gold Leaf auto. It is stellar.

I would only grow one seed at first and see how it performs. If you aren’t worried about the money, you could pop 4 and cull any stragglers. Maybe even put the rejects outside somewhere isolated.

If you can switch to photoperiod plants you have more control, but maybe your situation doesn’t allow that.

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thank you keystonecops! i apreciate your info!

Yeah, good luck! I’d grab that White Domina photo from Kannabia if I was placing an order. Black Domina is my favorite cultivar.

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