How many plants would i be able to grow with this set up?

Hey Everyone,
So I’ve been a lurker here since last December but this is my first post. Coming up on my next grow and my question is how many plants i will be able to grow in a 10x5 given the lights i have. This will be my 3rd grow.
1st grow was Ak-47 10gal pots. Got 8oz off 4 plants did nothing to them. My only objective was to get all 4 to live until harvest.
2nd grow was green crack auto 10gal pots. Got 8.5 oz off 5 plants did a little LST and used a scrog net.
I was using a GrowersChoice dual 315w CMH. SO few weeks ago family member said he would buy me another light if i grow him 2 plants each of my grows, so of course i said yes. I got a spiderfarmer SF4000. So if i run both lights in the 5x10 what are your thoughts on plant count.
I’ve read a lot and seen even more videos. It seems like others grow more plants under similar lights but i don’t want to grow too many. I’m switching to 7gal pots since my roots never seemed to fill out the 10 gal and figured i could keep the plants a little closer together. I will be doing lollipopping for the first time and LST w/ scrog net. Here are pics from the two grows about a week before harvest. Thanks for the help.


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I’ll tag a couple of people who might be able to help
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Those lights are probably better fitted for 4x4 space each. You’re asking each to cover 5x5, which is more than 50% increase in area. Once you have property light density it doesn’t really matter how many plants you put in there. Could be 2 large plants or 25 small plants.


ok. So i guess I’ll just stick with 4 under each light and try to get the most i can out of them, If i don’t screw up with the lollipoping. I’m going to try several strains this grow as well and not all the same as previous grows. Thank you for the help.


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Its a little bit more difficult to grow different strains as each strain reacts and grows different. At least you’ll have 2 different lights so you can have different heights if some grow faster and taller.
It does make it easier come trimming time as each strain has a different flowering time.
Start a journal so we can watch the progress.

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That was the one thing a buddy who helped me get started couldn’t stress enough. Anything i do to them gets logged. He was the one who said to only grow 1 type BUT everything i watch they seem to have multiple. So i figured i would give it a try.

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I also just opened the box and realized I bought 5gal not 7 gal pots. Is that too small? I am coming off 10gal so they seem so damn small. I also kind of had the watering thing down pretty good on the 10’s.

We have one. He’s still pretty young, but if I put $100 bill next to my youngest there’s not a chance in hell anyone outside of the family could grab it.

Some folks do 5 gal just fine. You’ll be watering more often than in the 10gal but honestly that might be okay. I find myself sometimes wondering if I should have gone smaller than 10gal for my soil plant but then life happens and I think “whew, didn’t have to water today” :rofl:

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I use 3 gallon or smaller indoors, you will be fine.

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Grow a few diff strains find a good mama clone her and fill each area u want with a good set of clones 4 or 6 per area. I would close the light area to 4x8 if u could keep the light in tighter. Bigger area u lose alot of light