How many plants will fit in a 2x2x4' grow tent?

I’m not aware of anything for $200 that i would say is great light. I think the 260 watt qb kits run about $300-350 and you’d probably want 2 want two of them for your space.

There’s less expensive lights available, but at significantly lower performance. In most cases it seems like you end up buying more inexpensive lights and pulling more power to get to similar yield potential per square foot of grow space ending at somewhat similar cost. I’m not really aware of one $200 light being a lot better than any of the other $200 lights though. Most of them use similar components.


You can build a nice light for a 2x4 space for abou $250.


@Sixpackdad @Missiles @Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty only problem I already have 3 plants started just a week in right now but they growing fast. I just wanted to grow some beautiful girls instead I’ll probably end up with some chicken heads!! Going to start putting mylar in the closet and pray for a miracle!!! Hopefully I can find another light to help out this guy.


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You can tag me any time you need :wink: I might not have the answers but we will find them!


You can get 3 plants in a 2x4 space. I currently have 4 and it’s tight but it can work. In addition to goodn pH and ppm management, a solid grow light is key to a good grow


@Myfriendis410 @Missiles @dbrn32 @Sixpackdad @blackthumbbetty here is another light that was given to me by a friend do y’all think this one and the other listed above will work good enough for this grow until I’m able to get more?

This is the status on the light!!
Net weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lb) Case Color: White

Leds power: 2500W

LED chips: Real Brand New Epileds Chips

Actual power consumption:140w±3%

Lifespan: 50000-100000 hours

Working Temperature: -20 to 40 ℃

Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V

View Angle: 90 degree and 120 degree mixed

Lighting Coverage:1.6 - 13 square meters

Recommended Height: 0.3 m- 2 m ( 11.8-78.7 inch )

Recommended Coverage:One panel per 6 square meters

Wavelength(9 Bands) 430~440nm, 450~460nm, 610-615nm, 620~630nm, 650~660nm, and white,
IR (730nm) ,380 - 400nm (Most approriate light proportion for the growth of commercial plants)

LEDs included UV(ultraviolet) & IR(infrared) led.
UV function: sterilization, kill bacteria which seriously influence plants flowering & growing.
IR function: promoting cell division and flowering & veg,increase yield in a certain degree.

(It is hard to see the lights of the IR leds clearly by eyes.Please don’t think they are not working.
Instead, they play an very important role in the flowering and fruiting stages of plants.

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Those two in a 2x2 tent would probably be OK while you save up for an upgrade.

Wanted to go to a 2wx6lx6t closet just wanted to make sure I have enough light!!

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I know nothing about lighting but as soon as @dbrn32 returns he will definitely know :grin:

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Those two lamps can’t cover a 2x6

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Calculate your surface area in feet. 50 watts from the plug per square foot. In a 2 X 6 you would need roughly 600 actual watts out of the wall to provide adequate coverage. You can get by with less in veg but you want to nuke em in flower lol.


There are other options beside LED also. HPS still grows good weed too.


Its a small light for 2x6. I would say run a grow with those and see if you’re happy with results.


I would try to put four or 3 just grow them up instead of out

I have a 2x3x5 with 2 300w growneers and 1000w bestva 10w double chipped led andnotice that yes quality is possible but quantity just lacking way too much and keeping lights that close is anoying for u always gotta move them around and i added some good strong side lights lso. So i said fuck it and ordered a 600w hps. Here is my girls now . And when other light comes in ill add new photo day 1 of change and update after 1 weekz


Thanks for the info I will try to see what I can get these plants will do for this grow and save up for my next one. Will try and post pics of plants as they grow.

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Please let me know if you see something wrong the OG I think is gone at this point seed lining apparently stuck to the plant and looks like the leaves cannot pop out the Jack has slight discoloration light green color on the ends of the leaves don’t know if this is normal or if I need to do something to help her. The Bubblegum looks great in my opinion. Really worried about my girls!!!

@Missiles @Myfriendis410 @Sixpackdad @Stonelee @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty and if anyone wants to tag anyone else that my be able to help would be much appreciated!!

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Have you tried taken a pair of tweezers to the OG and helping the membrane off?

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All the others do look good :wink: