How many plants will booster take care of

I purchased Roberts booster set and am growing 6 plants, WW, super silver and gold leaf. Is there enough booster for 6 plants or am I stretching it too far. I am using 1 capful per gallon, hoping the amount is correct for nutes to take care of my girls. I am watering about 2-3 times a week, 1 gallon for each, depending on needs. I know Latewood is proficient on booster set and can tell me if I am doing allright. Anyone who can help would be appreciated.
P.S. I am using Roberts chart for booster set and am at week 6 of flowering.
PICS ARE AS OF TODAY WEEK 6 except for 1st pic week 4 veg

I use 1 cap of flower booster per gal of rain water but it’s spread out over 18 plants in there 5 wk of flower I posted them in (Store bought soil mix with a rating of 13 o4 13 )
I will use 2 gal’s for all 33 plants’

But latewood can tell you better I just thing 1 gal per plant is over kill
just my opinion


Thanks for your input, I use 5 gallon buckets myself and it seems to be ok, although I am using a 4x2x5 tent, with 4 ft t5 full spectrum light. So if it is not used correctly, I hope someone can verify and help instruct me too

Stoner or Latewood are real good at what they do, they will help you for sure


I wish to have my plants looking this good.

you will Yoshi you will

Plants look great. I would continue to use the Booster as directed by Robert, unless you develop serious issues. This is also the best way to benchmark your grow. After you have success by merely following a regimen, you can adapt later as you learn how your plants react.

thanks for your imput laterwood. I will keep going what I am doing then. Just wish they would finish sooner as I am getting anxious already. I have 4 week to go, 4 very long weeks to go!

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What LED lights you have for this grow ?

I’ve been following his grow planning on using same setup he said using 4 ft t5 one pic did look like led… hopefully I’ll as much success

you are correct! Yes, the 1 picture is reddish in color is the new led light. Was supposed to be for outdoor grow, but now will keep it inside for the duration. I have 2 sprouts which will go outside around Memorial day, for a later harvest.

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Keep sending pics looking forward to see harvest

Where is the instruction for using the site specific nutrients. I know I already mixed up some improperly many weeks ago and over nutriented my plants, like 1/3rd of the grow booster. I couldn’t figure out the instructions on the download, some sort of week this and week that. I mean, I am figuring one capful per gallon of water, let us say I have seven three gallon pots, and later when my slow release fertilizer is worn off, I am supposed to wet down the soil enough, ONCE PER WEEK?

Anyway, it seems one capful per gallon of water, one feeding per week, and the mass booster and flower boosters are for flowering stage. Maybe the instructions are in this site somewhere, I sure haven’t seen it. Seems like one gallon mixed with one capful is plenty for seven plants, probably add more water to get the soil completely wet in three gallon pots.

Of course, I too am using the store bought 13 04 13 npk pre-fertilized soil, I was sort of thinking I couldn’t give them any grow booster till it wears off in a month or two. looks like garrigan is doing it though.

I haven’t used it yet, but yes you kind of need to know what is in your soil so as not to over feed. There are various ways to do this, some pH multi-soil probes might give you a good idea, and you could also test like this:

new update week 11 flower week 7. Let me know what you think.

What’s up ? Your grow did u use t5 from start to finish

Starting my 1st grow with 'Booster".

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Yes …you will definitely love it . Growing science in a bottle .

Yes, It is the only light for this grow, with the exception of 1 led plant seen in pink color,(now 2) to flower.

I think you will like the Booster set of Roberts.
I have used it through my grow and have noticed a big difference in my grow.
If I just hadn’t over watered @ first well next time…lol
I have notice using the Mass Booster really works I can’t believe whats going on. My kolas are swelling in the first week of use and have noticed more weight also and still have two more weeks to go…all I can say is It’s Awesome stuff