How many plants to plant

New grower going with ww autos have a small grow tent 32-32-63 tall can I plant more then one

Whats your lighting like

If you have good lighting, I would try four in that area. The autos aren’t going to get huge, so there should be plenty of room.


Yeah with you on that but lighting is very important wouldnt you say i mean all we know is tent size nothing else

That’s a good size for a 600 watt HPS/mh. Would give you good coverage, and nice strong lighting.

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I’ve got two 300 Mars led

Those should cover that area well. Autos get up to 24" tall from what I read about them so 4 sounds right to me.


Thanks for the help

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I’d say two but it is deep as well -could do four. You’d wanna lst for sure

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I’ve got one in 26w and 14d -auto ak and each branch was pulled down across plant so it would be larger than it is. Just to get an idea of size for you

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What light is that the LED up top

Vipar spectra 600. 272 actual. $189

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Here it is. I think I left tape measure somewhere outside 14 deep 32 wide about six feet tall but power strip above light on a shelf @ktreez420

Oh hell yea dude! I would personally grow two in there. It will get a little cramped, but hey, you’ll have double the yield lol!

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I’ll just keep tying down. Was just curious as that’s what I’ve been doing with this auto otherwise it’d be all up in the lights

But now that I think about it, you said you want to start growing photo strains? Because if you’re growing photos I would honestly recommend just one in that grow tent. In my experience, one plant should fill that easily. If you choose to do two plants, I would recommend putting them in flower when they’re not too big. They will double in size once flowered.

You have a few options here though. You could stick with autos, and really get them dialed in. You could definitely get 2 autos in there. Or, you could grow one big photo strain, that can easily fill the tent.

Ive been debating ww autos or ss haze photos for too long lol picked haze for bigger yield -now to start from chp 1. I’ll prob let get biggish and deal with size with tying down At least now i can trim leaves a bit

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