How many plants to keep yourself supplied? 8-10 weeks of veg or SOG?

I’m a big fan of paying ppl to do what they do best. So I’ll look at buying one. So how long can you get clones off a mother? Do they keep sprouting new growth?

BTW you rock for sharing your time!


Yeah they just keep sprouting like nothing ever happened. And no worries, lots of us like to help out and guide someone in the right direction


I almost got there. I also have a 3x3. 3 plants came in at 12.5 oz at 60RH. Unfortunately the 4th was a runt (frostier than the others) but a light weight at only 2.1 oz. Its roots only filled half of its 5 gallon pot.
I have a separate veg area in which I also like to grow a single auto. I don’t want to hassle with blacking the area out so an auto works great.


4x2, i would use 2 plants.that is what i do. the master kush,the last grow,i had 3 and got a little over 12 ounces. i think i might have done better with 2 plants. i lost some nugs due to lack of light. depends on the strain also. im curious with 2 sativa dominant hybrids in a 4x2

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what strains are those? @HomeBotany101

One is unknown cropped from bags. And the other is gold leaf.