How many plants to keep yourself supplied? 8-10 weeks of veg or SOG?

So I smoke about an oz a week. It’s costing me more than I want to spend any longer hence this new hobby. (1 plant about to flip to 12/12, 1 about 2 weeks away from flip and one seedling.

I have 2 2x2 tents and a 2x4 tent. The idea is to veg in the small tents, then flip in the big tent up to 2 plants at a time. After reading this forum and seeing yields, I’m thinking that 2-3 ounces of dry is a decent yield. If you get really good, maybe 4 or 5? I know pro’s can get more than 10 ozs (there’s a thread on here about a pound in a 3x3) but I’m far from pro and it will be sometime.

So how many plants do you all keep going at one time to supply yourself. I have no interest in growing for others and I keep it private, but I consume sort of a lot just by myself…

Is sog a better idea? And correct me if I’m wrong, but that is basically taking like 10 or 15 solo cups and vegging for a small amount of time and flipping shortly to basically grow one nice bud per plant… does the growth cycle go fast enough to keep you happy?



Hey HomeBotany… I can’t necessarily answer your question too much as I just harvested 2/3 girls in a 3x3 for my first grow. However I’m hoping to get 5-6 oz this first grow, but idk if I’ll get there. I’m in the same boat as you, trying to maintain my smoke, so I’m figuring if I can get to 3/4 lb. each grow from 4 girls in a 3x3, I would be happy. Been reading quite a bit this summer and love the knowledge shared here.

I would think with a 4x2 you could try a similar strategy with 4 diff girls. I’m planning to use 7 gals so they can fill ‘er up! :slight_smile:


Well im doing autos n this my first grow n I got 4 n my tent n 4in closet


I run Scrog in two tents simultaneously and stagger the harvest about a week between tents,and I pull about 2 pounds every 4 months the tents are 4×8×7 1/2,6 plants in each tent 10 gallon pots HLG and Spyder Farmer lights,I veg until canopy is ready,about 6 weeks to 2 months.I smoke at least an ounce a week and make medical concoctions for my wife’s arthritis. She can’t smoke because of her job but I make tropicals out of the sugar leaf. It’s plenty for me.


Ideally you would have a mother plant in each of the smaller tents. You could take clones from the mothers and pot them into 1gal pots, wait for them to take roots and immediately flip them to flower. In a 2x4 I would do 12 to 15 clones. So every 8 to 9 weeks(strain depending) you could harvest several ounces. And by the time the 2x4 is harvested, you could already have the next batch of clones rooting and ready to take their place. Too easy


And btw, I’m the one with the “pound in a 3x3” journal.


Rotation is key here, always have something on its way to flowering, and always finishing. If plant count isn’t an issue, you should be cloning every two weeks.
Mother plant would be ideal.


This sounds smart… clone reading ahead.

WOuld you suggest soil or coco?


I have some size constraints. I wish I could do 10 gallon pots and have really nice tall plants.

Sounds like you have a good system. :slight_smile:

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I’m a coco guy so I will never suggest soil. By the sound of what your wanting to achieve, coco will be better suited for you. Plants grow to slow in soil and your wanting a high performance garden. No time to be dealing with bug eggs and larva in your soil, or jacking with microbes. Just go coco and it’s one thing less to worry about. Canna coco is very well priced and it’s been the best for me when it comes to ph stability.


He could even harvest half the 2x4 every 4 weeks and just keep it going that way as well. So every 2 weeks your cutting clones, letting them root, and putting them in place of the ones you just harvested. So you’d be cutting down around 5 to 6 plants a month, every month, and replacing them constantly.

For perpetual growing, I’d look at Jack’s nutrients. It will make feed days a breeze with all the different cycles going at once.

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What ph level do you want your water/feed and what should runoff be? Heck, since I’m asking, also what ppm are you looking for in your run off?

I just watched a great video about this but the two growers disagreed about whether to measure the ph of runoff with coco.

Ph for coco is 5.8-6.0
The ppm is numbers vary, but you should keep track of what’s going in and compare the two, and adjust accordingly.


I think I can do better this is my first grow with ILGM seeds after 3 years of using dispensary seeds of o.k. quality. Hoping to up my yield by at least 50% with good genetics and new lights, have a combo of Spyers and HLG love them both. Good luck on your grow. @imSICKkid is the guy to listen to.Crazy yields and @MrPeat is another master.Lots of great people on here too many yo mention but you’ll see them around.


I personally down worry about runoff. I never check or measure it. I just feed the plants and pour in enough to see water coming out. As long as the plant is growing good and looks healthy I dont worry about anything but feeding them.


Good advice, it looks like my one plant has overtaken the other. I wonder if I didn’t stunt the growth of the first one when I went to fim it.

I’ll post the pic next, im on pc need to switch to phone. But the one on the right is actually a little over a week younger than the one on the left. The one on the left is what made me start this post.

I fixed the strings since this photo, that was just as I set it in there. I didn’t move her until I was 100% the one on the left was female. The left is cropped seed the right is ILGM seed.


Nice healthy looking plants off to a great start.


@imSICKkid would you suggest an auto cloner, cubes or rock wool?

An aerocloner is the best method and takes up hardly any space. You can look at several DIY ones that will save a few bucks. Or you can just buy one but alot of them are overpriced.