How many plants should I put in a 10,000 sqft hoophouse

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

how many plants should I put in a 10,000 sqft hoophouse

Not to be negative…but considering the massive investment in time, effort and money this project will take…you might consider hiring an experienced grower with GOOD REFERENCES. This size project will require more than one or two people.
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Yeah, it seems strange that someone starting a commercial grow operation would be reaching out to a seed company or a public forum for questions like that. Doesn’t that strike anyone else as being a weird question? I’m not qualified to answer but even I know that the answer would require much more information; like will they be photo strains or auto-flowers. What strain will be used. Will supplemental light be used? Can the light be interrupted to induce flowering? Etc, etc.

As @tanlover442 said, the best answer is: You need to find a professional cannabis grower/horticulturist to run your grow and answer your questions. Clearly, the person posing the question doesn’t have the experience to run a grow of that size and would be likely to lose their whole crap and LOTS of money entering into an grow of that size without an extremely experienced hand to guide them.

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@DTOM420 …reenforces the main idea. Not good to venture into uncharted territory without a guide.
The grow stores in Austin tell the sad story repeated every fall. Freshmen with daddy’s credit card get talked into buying “The Best Expensive Equipment” to become “Rich Dealers” by their new smoking buddies. Talking about $5k+. With the idea of cashing in on a monster harvest of killer weed three months later. About two months later, after the crop is fried AND Daddy has gotten the outrageous credit card statement…the now chastised wiser humbled kids bring all the gear back and only get 25% of what it cost originally. I got some good deals on barely used gear that way.
I am not saying you are like this. BUT, it’s a very wise to find experienced dependable people to advise and help this expensive project a profitable success.
Sincere Best Wishes.

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@tanlover442 - you can purchase used equipment at stores in Austin? Heck, I didn’t even know there were grow shops in Austin! Can you recommend one or two? I’ll be in Austin for a day next week and I’d love to check one out. Especially if there’s one on the south side or centrally located.

@DTOM420…Brite Ideas, 4201 S. Congress Ave. Ste. 310, Austin, TX 78745
Local: 512.444.2100

Closed Mondays…there are 3 in Austin. Goggle will get the other stores and list other stores as well. This location is off Congress in a strip mall setting. Very discreet. Call if you get lost.

If you ask them about the college freshman trend, they will tell you when the best time to check with them is.


Thanks brother! Definitely worth a look and I’ll be just a few blocks from that exact location. How’s that for coincidence?

Thanks again for letting me know about them! I’m checking them out today.

If your grow is going to be that big, I’m thinking you should probably know what you’re doing, already, without our help. Not to be rude, but you’ve got to be willing to do the very basic leg work yourself if you’re going with something that big.

But, for a sog, it’s 1 plant per square foot. For a regular grow, a min of 3 square feet per plant is typically required.

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