How many plants should I divide the 1 liter bottle of fertilizer water

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I understand how to mix .5-1.5 grams of powdered fertilizer with 1 liter of water based off of the feeding schedule. My question is, how many plants should I divide the 1 liter bottle of fertilizer water between. How many plants will 1 liter cover?”

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this is a trick question in my opinion since I base feedings on how much water each plant can take and total them then mix food for entire amount of water needed not just 1l split between plants and a Gal of water each. How much water does each plant take? add it up then mix nutrients for entire amount of water being used. If say you have 1 plant in 5 gal pot it may need up to 6L or more nutrient solution for just the single plant where 3 plants in 1L pots may only need 1/2L each :wink:


@Donaldj I always like your answers bud straight to the point and easy to understand


Thank you for your response Donald. I thought I read something about not watering a dry plant, which confused me. So I’m mixing the water with the fertilizer and watering until the plant is sufficiently moist. Got it. Thanks for the help!

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I help where I can if I can :wink: @ericscheel all good we are here to learn and help each other become better growers


Sorry…one last question @Donaldj. Do I give the plants the fertilizer mixed with water every time I water? Or do I fertilize only once per week with the fertilized water and the rest of the waterings that week with plain water? I’m using flower power fertilizers and the feeding schedule shows how much fertilizer to give at each feeding but doesn’t say if it’s once per week or at every watering

Here’s a link to the feeding schedule they gave me.

Hey bud most people do a feed, water, water schedule. Just watch your plants they will tell you when they are happy.

It all depends on the plant. I had 3 plants that wanted food all the time. And the one in flower now is happy with the feed water water schedule. And my clones want feed water feed water.

So it really depends on what the plant wants. Starting out I would just feed water water an see how she goes. And remember to ph the Plaine water for which ever medium that you are using. 5.8 for soil-less and 6.5 for soil are the sweet spots. With a +/- of .3 either way is ok but try not to go too far beyond that.


Thank you @Zero420! So basically feed every 3 waterings to start with and see how they do? Then if needed, start feeding every other watering, possibly stepping up to feeding every watering depending on the signs that the plants are showing, correct?

Thanks for the help! And yes I’ll make sure my ph stays within range. I’m using soil.

Also make sure not to ph the water you put the nutes into. Until after you add your nutes to the water. Cause they will usually drop the pH. I know that after I add my nutes to my tap water it is 6.4 bang on everytime (I check my ph often) an like 7.4 without.

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@Zero420 gave you same answer I would’ve


Hey guys. I measured the ph on my tap water before adding nutrients and it’s 7.8. After adding the nutes, it’s 6.5, just like @Zero420 said his was.

My question is: if I’m doing feed, water, water…how do I regulate the PH on the 2 plain watering days in between feeding days? I’m growing outdoors and had planned to use drippers straight from my sprinkler system.

Use ph down and add a bucket to emitters I use gravity for mine I simply drilled hole in a pail to act as res and add water to it the drip emitters water y ladies or feed depending what I throw in bucket

Sounds like a plan. Thank you!

Ding DIng Ding!!! Well said fella… they will tell you everything


I have 6 plants an I have a 30 gallon trash can an I use a bubbler the night before I water it alone will drop my PH to about 6.5 without PH up or ph down. My PH is about 7.2 from city water ! Work every time with chemicals !