How many plants should be in a 10x10 tent?

I started off putting 24 plants in 10 gallon fabric bags in my 10x10 tent. The closer the time gets to put the trellis over the plants to do scrog tech. I think I should put less. I went from 24 to 16. Now I’m thinking I should only have 8 plants in my tent to do the scrog. My plants are blue dream by the way. Couple of people have said I would get a bigger yield using scrog with 8 plants instead of 16. I’m going to put my trellis up in the next couple of days.

There is no factual or logical basis for this. Your total yeild will be mostly determined by size of your canopy, canopy management, and how well you are able to get your plants to process energy.

That being said, more plants should fill your screen faster than less. I believe your biggest hurdle will be training several plants in the same screen in that large of a space. Different plants may mature at different rates too, which could make harvest difficult. If it were me, I probably would have left whatever it took to fill up tent outside of leaving walkway to access them, and not used the screen.


So I will get a better yield growing as many that I can fit in my 10x10 and not using the scrog ? Any help that you can give me I sure appreciate it. This is my first time growing indoors and I was hearing a lot of people say that by using the scrog tech. I would increase my yield big time.

That isn’t necessarily what I said. Chances are it doesn’t really matter what method you use, if you do it well your yeild per area will be about the same. I just don’t understand how you will manage a screen that large in a tent? And since you already had the plants, I probably would have just ran them out instead of culling.

I was planning on putting around a 2 foot walk space down the middle of the tent . Then I would put a 4’x10’ trellis netting on both sides. I can reach the netting from a excess door on both ends and from the walkway in the center. At least that was my plan.

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Is 2’ enough for you to get in daily and work? Probably enough for some, but I would likely need 3’ or more.

That will work if your 100% able to get to both side of the tables I did 2 3x4s right next to each other …I’m tall I could reach across … may I suggest before you get in there and set your screen low so your bending over… I mad 39 inch tall tables and if you dont wanna grow the plant up to 39 inches to start training …put the pots up on blocks or tables and you wont break your back trying weave branches… also dont get it too close to the screen because you will have fun watering and you want goodl air flow under your tables between the soil amd the screens
Hers a 10 x 10 that I had 80 plants in … but had a system built and starting to to cycle 196 plants in the 10x10

theres the scrogs
And this is my space saving plant crammer 5000
All my invention… 20 inch tall 4inch diameter pvc pots works great


Feel free to suggest anything . I thank you for your help and I greatly appreciate you for it. This is my first time growing indoor. With you having about the same set up that I’m planning on having. Well besides your invention which is awesome by the way. You probably can help me a great deal. I had 20 Blue Dream and 4 Bruce Banner 24 in all. Then I took 8 out of the 10x10 tent which left me 16. But after talking to you and couple others. I’m going to put the other 8 back in the tent after learning a little more about it. I guess I’ll finally make my mind up sooner or later . Lol… But I have to make my mind up soon. I topped my plants couple of days ago and now to install my screen in a couple of days.

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Let me know I’ll help what ever way I can :v::sunglasses:


Thank you, I appreciate that.

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No doubt I was in your shoes once… :v::sunglasses:

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