How many plants per spot?

I have started to work my ground for next spring planting, can I put 3 plants in this spot?
The hole is 2 1 /2 feet deep and 5 feet long. I have already started to fill with my soil mixture and more top soil. Thanks for your input.

If you plan on photo period plants, I would think closer to 4x4 area for 1 plant. Especially if you plan to utilize the whole growing season. Outside plants can get BIG


Agreed, more room the better. I made that mistake in May, starting 15 seeds in a 15 foot by 8 foot greenhouse. I now have ten plants and no room left. :man_facepalming:t4:

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They will be photo plants. I was worried about not enough space for the roots.

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I believe the saying “as above, so below” works here. The more space the roots have, the more the plants will grow. Happy growing to you. Seaweed is a great thing to put into your soil, if you can get any. It rots over winter when mashed up with a spade.


Roots need 3 foot squared… per plant…
3’ wide x 3’ long x 3’ deep …for best results…
I was a commercial grower in Humboldt county for 2 years and that’s how we did it…
We would dig the holes with a big auger and fill with locally sourced soil from a big company and gravity water down the mountain side to eack location…
Roots never needed anymore room then that…
Each plant was yielding 7 to 16 pounds depending on strain… always same size hole…
That was starting plants indoors January 1st and outside by March and harvesting October or November , we tried to push them as long as we could , weather permitting…


Wow! That’s a lot of space, I didn’t realize how big the roots could get. I guess it’s time to dig bigger holes. Thanks for the input and information.

Just remember that the bigger the hole the bigger and better your plants will be!
For one plant I dig a hole 3 foot round and a good 18-24 inches deep depending on the soil.

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The work you put in in the beginning will pay off in the end!
A good tip I used when growing outdoor is training your plants along the ground it makes them a lot harder to see but from memory yours are pretty well grown so you can’t do it this crop,it’s something you have to start early

There are many variables that you left blank, but everything I read on this thread is sound advice. I really like the creative though of seaweed, but it is not paramount to a successful outcome. Good luck